Top 20 Horror Film Countdown: No. 10-6

10:08 October 18, 2016

For horror film fans, October is a big month movie and spirit-wise. Over the next four weeks, Where Y’at will be counting down some of the best movies for this spooky, fun-filled time of year. Some of these are go-to classics, others are remakes done right, while even more are terrifying by helping give audiences a scare worth anticipating. Enjoy, and get ready to be on the edge of your seat as we countdown to our number one Horror movie for Halloween!

Top 20 Horror Film Countdown

10. The Babadook, 2014

Director: Jennifer Kent

I’ve only seen this movie once, but the imagery presented is potent enough that it’s stayed with me since that initial viewing. It starts off simple enough: A mother dealing with a traumatic loss and a son who simply can’t help himself when it comes to causing trouble. Then a book enters the picture, and gradually this already tense situation becomes a world filled with more horror than this mother and her son can handle. 

Top 20 Horror Film Countdown

9. Cabin In The Woods, 2012

Director: Drew Goddard

Released four years ago, this is easily one of the most original ideas to enter the world of horror in the last 20 years. Equal parts comedy, horror, and science fiction, Goddard's film works so well because it uses lessons of the past in making a film that transcends easy taglines. Five unsuspecting college students go away for a weekend, but that’s where you become unable to guess what’s coming next. One of great movies of the last few years, and well worth your time if you want to laugh intermittently while being scared s**tless. 

Top 20 Horror Film Countdown

8. High Tension, 2005

Director: Alexandre Aja

What starts at as a nice relaxing weekend intended for studying for two young ladies quickly changes course when a crazed man in a truck decides to ruin a family's life. From that moment on you’re presented with enough gore to make you good on horror films for a long time, and an intense chase that will leave you as confused as I was during the initial viewing. Over the top death scenes, and a climax that will make you go back and double check the rest of the film for clues will leave you satisfied, but also with a knot in your stomach. 

Top 20 Horror Film Countdown

7. House Of 1000 Corpses, 2005

Director: Rob Zombie

One of my favorite movies of all time, period. I became obsessed with this movie, seeing it seven times in theaters before making it a go to for the Halloween season. The genius of the film lies in the treatment of the snot nosed rude captives and how they manage to get stuck in a mess involving a family of insane, calculated killers called the Firefly family, “House of 1000 Corpses,” isn’t as much about survival of the victims as it is a look into the crazy family and how they function in the world. A horror movie for metal fans, Zombie’s directorial debut is full of visually stunning set pieces, humor used in the most dark and twisted way possible, and enough of a backstory to fuel more movies set in this universe. A must watch for old school campy horror fans, as well as people familiar with Zombies blend of horror metal. 

Top 20 Horror Film Countdown

6. Let The Right One In, 2008

Director: Tomas Alfredson

Rarely does a film do so much with such a basic backstory, but this one manages to soar among the best horror films of the last decade. A young boy meets a strange girl, and in the pursuit of protecting the boy this girl has fallen in love with, they encounter troubles from multiple angles. It’s directed and shot wonderfully, and while violence and crimes of an extreme nature are very clearly shown, the cinematography used in capturing the mood and the coldness of the setting makes this a worthwhile film to embark on, especially this time of year. 

Horror films 5-2 will be updated on Monday, October 24.

Our Number 1 horror film will  be revealed on Thursday, October 27.

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