Tom DeLonge

19:00 May 06, 2015
By: Kevin Quinet

To The Stars...Demos, Odds, and Ends
To The Stars

Tom DeLonge, since leaving Blink-182 (the band he founded nevertheless) for his aspirational band Angels & Airwaves, has turned into a villain to his former band mates, his fans, and the public with the Kanye West-type statements he has made in the past. But DeLonge is a perfectionist, sometimes a recluse, and does what he want, when he wants. 

That aside, Angels & Airwaves has been a side band of Mr. DeLonge that consistently puts out epic ballads, great instrumentals, and catchiness that is something I never thought I could get into post-Blink-182. This album, more like an EP since it clocks in at 25 minutes, is pure enjoyment. Blink-182 sounds like they will move on without DeLonge to turn out another album, which seems forced.

Critics have written off this album as not only thrown away Blink-182 tracks from a cancelled album, but “easily forgettable.” I may be more biased towards DeLonge’s genius, but I think the critics are completely off their rockers.

The first single and first track, “New World” is an instant classic. “Invisible Parade” is a beautiful slow, emotional acoustic ballad. At 39, Mr. Delonge has put out a full-length film with Angels & Airwaves' last album with all four members, Love Part II, a short film with his newest album with Angels & Airwaves, Dream Walker, and has a comic book coming to follow up. I would say even DeLonge’s ridiculous comments, being pretentious at times, and pissing off Blink-182 he is a hard worker and visionary of sorts.

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