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Tiffany Brings More Than Just an 80s Flashback to the House of Blues

14:14 December 04, 2017
By: Steve Hatley

Is there a way to come back from a lull? Do you go back to what you started with or reinvent yourself? In the case of the 80s mall queen Tiffany, it has to be a little of both. She realizes that there is no way to escape her musical past, but also realizes there is no way to live exclusively in it. Having a 25-year-old son on top of things also makes the transitions a bit harder.

When on stage now, the bubble-gum pop aspects that once brought hoards to the mall are much more toned down, and in their place, stands a seasoned rock goddess. Thursday night's show at the House of Blues Parish stood as a funny and fun history reminder and a great premonition of things to come. Seeing Tiffany all these years later was fun, in that my eight-year-old self would have never imagined her with a cocktail in hand and dropping the occasional F-bomb. One thing is for sure: Tiffany doesn’t pretend to be someone she isn’t.

The show covered all the hits as well as some great covers and a selection of new songs and unreleased material. Sadly, Tiffany's sparring partner and vocal beast was absent due to having to attend a funeral. That extra spark was missed, but didn't seem to even faze her at all.

Being a product of the 80s, Tiffany couldn’t help a bit of self-indulgence by covering a string of great 80s female power singers. She started out with Heart’s “Alone” and threw in some Stevie, Eurhythmics, and Kim Wilde. That string let into the obligatory covers that made her what she is today.

If you ever watched How I Met Your Mother, I’m sure you would agree that Robin Sparks wouldn’t even exist, had it not been for Tiffany and her cohort Debbie Gibson. That being said, the evening was a nice ride down memory lane and was a glimpse of future endeavors. You cans see more shots HERE.

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