Thousands of Dollars Donated to Louisiana Worker Assaulted for Enforcing Social Distancing

15:00 August 18, 2020
By: John Glover

In an update to the madcap societal fallout over the coronavirus pandemic, a group of Baton Rouge women assaulted a teenage hostess at a Chili's. The group of disgruntled women became violent with the girl, after the latter informed them that she could only seat six of them at a table, in accordance with social distancing practices, Fox News reported.

The women arrived in a group of more than six people. The hostess sat six of them at one table and informed the remainder that she was getting the manager to figure out how to proceed. At this point, one of the women pushed the girl, who defended herself. Then, at least three of the women began abusing the hostess. One of them reportedly hit her using a "Wet Floor" sign.

Kelsy Wallace, who is only 17 years old, showed reporters a bald spot on her head, where her attackers had yanked hair out of her head. She needed five stitches to close a facial wound. Three of the women involved now face criminal charges. Calls to Crime Stoppers and a viral video of the incident have helped identify the culprits.

The story, however, is not without a silver lining. According to WWL News, people have donated more than $69,000 to a GoFundMe page for the hostess. Wallace allegedly has opted to leave her job at Chili's.

If you would like to donate as well, you can access the GoFundMe page HERE.

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