The Starewells- Going Nowhere Going Now

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré
[Courtesy of The Starewells]

The Starewells

Going Nowhere Going Now

Independent Newcomers of the country rock/ indie rock scene, The Starewells' fi rst recording Going Nowhere Going Now is their take on hot guitar licks and catchy vocal tones, with the high energy of a new band with something to say, and they do it in a country kinda way. The fi ve-song EP has a lot of country infl uence with a twist on the vocals. "Blue Lights" starts things off and right away sounds like something you would two-step to. The lead guitar is worked in the track nicely, and Bob Worth has plenty of licks on display. The next song "Santa rosa" has pounding rhythm with a great shuffl e beat played by Jeff Grannan, while Cody ruth's bass fi lls the song out. Jesse Milkowits seems to confess and plead in the same breath lyrically, and leads the bass and drums into a noisy guitar outro. The sound of the band starts to take a turn on track 3 with "Wrecking Ball". Jesse Milkowits has an undeniable sound and would be a good vocalist for any band, but it's the music that takes the EP from country to a folk/ indie song. But the slight change in mood doesn't take away the fact that it's a well-written song. "Pixelator" picks the shuffl e beat and country leads right back up and is a standout song. The EP is summed up with track fi ve, "Two hands," the heaviest one on the new band's recording, having loud guitars with hot leads. you can fi nd the band on Facebook and in the favorite venues of the rock scene in NOLA

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