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The Spooky World of Stormy Daniels

09:00 October 22, 2021
By: Emily Hingle

Yes, that Stormy Daniels. Actress, model, and mom: Stormy Daniels is now a bonafide ghostbuster. Along with her crew, she's storming across the country, seeking out the dead among us and collecting proof of their existence. Her unusual path to this vocation is full of twists, turns, and even terror.

The Spooky Babes Paranormal Investigation team, Stormy Daniels and Justin Loupe host "Spooky Babes" [courtesy "Spooky Babes"]

Stormy moved into a home in the Lower Garden District and quickly started noticing things weren't right. It's like the house "didn't make sense." "I always had unexplainable things happen to me, but it just took off when I moved in," Stormy said. "That house was next level. Living there combined with COVID: there's a collective energy of people freaked out that creates a 'thinning of the veil.' You start to notice things you may not be paying attention to if you were on-the-go. Put all of that together and, pardon the pun, but it was a perfect storm."

Over the 10 months that she lived there with her now ex-boyfriend, several people reported strange substances dripping down the walls, water flowing from light sockets, and sudden panic attacks. "A guitar was smashed in half, we've caught things walking on camera, and scratching. I moved out of that house almost two years ago, and the four people who've lived there after me left on a stretcher."

After the couple moved out, Stormy's ex didn't believe that the creepy incidents were real. The denial made Stormy determined to understand her experience, so she sought out experts in the supernatural. She said, "Once I knew I wasn't crazy, once I had been validated by people who saw stuff, once I had physical evidence, then I just wanted to figure out what is this? How do you deal with it? So I reached out to a bunch of paranormal investigators from TV shows. I got no response."

As fate would have it, Stormy had recently made friends with local horror-rock musician Justin Loupe of Deadsled Funeral Co. With his kindred passion for the paranormal, the duo decided to gear up and start contacting spirits on their own. Spooky Babes was born.

The Spooky Babes Paranormal Investigation team began honing their craft in the innocent era just before COVID came to the U.S. Justin explained, "We started dipping our toes in the water just going to locations when Stormy did public appearances. Then once COVID hit, we had all the free time to do all of the places." The Spooky Babes booked investigations at infamous haunted venues like Lizzie Borden's House, Sallie House, The Myrtles, and The Conjuring House, and they brought along a film crew to capture what they experience.

Stormy said, "I really thought it was just going to be a couple of locations. I was just going to meet a couple of people and get the answers I was looking for. I didn't have any idea that it was going to become our job. I didn't know I had gifts. I didn't know I was truly a medium, but it makes sense. That's why everything was always happening to me." She has developed her natural gifts enough to offer oracle card readings and mediumship.

Before entering a potentially haunted house, Stormy waits outside while the rest of the crew enters. She uses her skills to understand the home on a psychic level. Once she enters this state, she may blackout and take off running through the house. "They call it remote viewing. I go to a location, and I've never been inside before. I know what the inside looks like and where stuff is at. I black out and take off running, and Justin has to chase me."

Justin has different specialties that allows the paranormal pair to function as a team. He said, "I've recently started tapping into the empath stuff. I don't see things, but I have emotions. The emotions that I feel aren't even attached to the stories I hear about the place. It's usually other things that are trying to reach out and probably don't get that much attention at these locations because people don't know about these spirits. It's like the underdogs of the location. Children spirits love me." Stormy concurred, "People living and dead tend to gravitate towards Justin. Spirits, ghosts, entities that might not be willing to approach others feel comfortable with him."

Spooky Babes is unique in that it is a full-service paranormal business; the job doesn't end once evidence has been collected. The living may require long-term therapy. "Even if we debunk everything, someone's been living in so much fear for so long that they're going to have lingering issues. On our team, we have a yoga instructor, an equine therapist, and Justin is a reiki master. I'm a big proponent of alternative medicine, so we have our own CBD line called Perfect Stormy (perfectstormy.com). We want to have these alternatives because it's a long-term commitment to the client, both living and dead."

If you think you might not be alone in your home, Stormy and Justin encourage you not to be afraid, but you should be aware about how to deal with the dead. Stormy instructed, "You should treat spirits the same way you would treat a living person. Mind your manners and be respectful. They're not all bad, they're not all good, just like the living. Some are funny, some are feisty, some are scared, some are trapped. Different languages, beliefs, religions, ethnicities. Some of them are confused; they don't know where they are or how they got there. And don't piss them off!"

You can catch Stormy Daniels on VH1's Surreal Life this fall.

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