The Rotten Cores- Sweet Fellowship in Shame

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Emily Hingle

The Rotten Cores

Sweet Fellowship in Shame


The raunchy rockabilly outfit immediately lets you know where they stand in the first song of their latest album. Some of the first lines of the opening song, “All It Takes,” are “It only takes five Vicodin to flip your truck” and “It only takes four years for a marriage to fail.” The Rotten Cores don’t fill their songs with flowery words; they speak the truth about unrequited love, jail time, and the use and abuse of intoxicating substances. They are true to the themes of classic country tunes that are just as sorrowful and raucous as blues music. The following song, “Lewd & Abandoned,” starts with a slow dance beat and Sick’s sweetly singing violin. The music quickly speeds up, but retains its romantic sound and sad lyrics about the musician’s ailing mother. Possibly the most ironic song on this album is “(You Killed) The Greatest Love Song”. The song itself is slow and lovely-sounding, perfect for a romantic, close dance with your longtime lover; it even includes pure country steel guitar by Bruce Tyner. However, this seeming love song is about how the singer’s woman destroyed their love song by leaving him while he was writing it. He sings in a forlorn manner, “You killed the greatest love song by leaving before it was sung/It died on the tip of my tongue.” The heartbreak is palpable, but you are still strangely comforted by the charming, yet bitter music. The good times begin again in the next song, “Swamp Stompin’ Baby”. Perhaps she is his new love. The Rotten Cores engage you with their heart-tugging and foot-stomping country tunes, and they refuse to let you go. – Emily Hingle

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