The Revivalists with Cardinal Sons

21:30 August 17, 2015

The Revivalist homecoming show at Tipitina’s on the 1st served as a du facto album release party.  Men Amongst Mountains was released by Wind-Up Records on July 17, 2015 including “Keep Going,” their latest single.  Playing Tipitina’s is always a bit nostalgic for the band as their beginnings are rooted in the venues and the band has come a long way in seven years.  If you missed the SOLD-OUT show, no need to worry as the guys will be playing two more shows in November at Tips. 

The show began with Jackson natives and New Orleans transplants Cardinal Sons.  The three brothers have been busy working on new material, of which the audience was treated to “New Jack.”  They synth driven track is layered with new sounds not commonly produced in the Sons catalogue.  John, Joe, and Dave were also joined on stage Maggie Koerner for background vocals on “Meridian.”  She’d come back to the stage to play with her long time pals later.  Following Maggie’s appearance, we got an amazing and rambunctious cover of TV on the Radio’s “Wolf Like Me” and they ended their set with their yeat to be released anthem “Drummer.”  The guys will be playing Saturday at the Publiq House.

The Revivalists truly have been growing a lot in popularity over the past few years.  Their set at last year’s Voodoo was by far one of the greatest highlights of the festival.  The seven members of the band just seem to fell truly at home on the stage and Tipitina’s is just like that and even more at times.  David Shaw enjoyed walking around the stage and making it his own.  He took every opportunity he could to engage the audience and in turn, the audience fed that energy right back to him.  Dave brought Maggie out midway through the set to help out on “Keep Going” and a fun bit of right audience vs left audience banter.  She would return at the end of the set to sing on “Monster.” 

The energy of the night was purely amazing.  Both the Cardinal Sons and Revivalists bring different ideas of music to the stage, but the one thing they have in common, other than Maggie, is the sheer ability to keep a crowd entertained.  You can see more pictures from the show here:

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