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The Preservation Resource Center Decks the Halls for a Virtual Holiday Home Tour

11:00 December 01, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans (PRC) is continuing its yearly tradition of Holiday Home Tours, though online this time around. Fortunately, the lack of physical presence does not hurt the spirit of the event too much, since professional video captures will still allow for a high-quality presentation of the homes to be viewed. Presented by McEnery Residential, this virtual tour through six different homes will be led by the PRC's own Danielle Del Sol and Susan Langenhennig. The video tour series will be viewable December 12 and December 13, and you can purchase tickets for the tour at Note that this is not a livestream, so you do not have to be present during a set timeframe. You can enjoy these tours on your own time after purchasing your ticket.

The tours will have in-depth discussions about the history of all the different houses and the surrounding communities. The owner of each house will be the primary guide for each tour, and he or she will lead viewers through talks about the art collections, architecture, and other details located in every lovely house. So, expect not only conversations about the houses themselves, but insight into their relationship to the culture of the neighborhoods they are located in.

This Holiday Tour event is a longstanding staple of the Preservation Resource Center and is one of their crucial fundraisers in their mission to help preserve the culture and architecture that New Orleans holds so dearly. One of the programs that will directly receive aid from the revenue these tours generate is the PRC's Revival Grants fund, which provides relief for the many suffering low-income neighborhoods in the Crescent City by helping with basic needs such as house repairs.

For more information or tickets to the event, click HERE.

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