The Preservation Hall Jazz Band- That’s It!

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré

 The Preservation Hall Jazz Band
That’s It!
Sony Music Entertainment

It was over fifty years ago when the Preservation Hall was built. Since then, the Preservation Hall Jazz Band (PHJB) has performed and naturally become as imperative to the history of New Orleans as the genre itself. Beginning in 1961, PHJB has lost and gained musicians, but their reputation of mastering big band standards and Jazz classics has never faltered. After decades of performing and recording, the PHJB considers their 2013 album to be one of their most exceptional albums recorded; That’s It! Is “a record that will go down in history as their first album of entirely original material.” After spending a large facet of their careers recording, only now have they produced an album comprised of their own original collaborative work. From the notes to the lyrics, That’s It! is a display of the bands all-encompassing talent and skill. That’s It! is sensationally-developed and well thought out album; the eight member band connects with each other musically on levels that are so effortlessly controlled, yet authentic. With alluring vocal tracks like “Come With Me” and instrumentally charged tracks such as “Rattlin’ Bones,” PHJB engulfs the classic nature of big band music with the tropical styles and flare of the Caribbean. Their wide range of age and experience keeps the album fresh and timeless. That’s It! is surely a historic treasure. It’s easy to tell that PHJB experimented heavily with sound and technique to create the unpredictable, replicable of sound they receive in the Preservation Hall itself, but this time on a recording. That’s It! is exceptionally a first class album and a whirl wind of Jazz elegance.

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