The Polar Express & Sensory Friendly Experience

16:31 October 29, 2019
By: Liv Arriviello

Amtrack will welcome Santa and many friendly helpers aboard the Polar Express to our very own Union Station, December 9th through January 1st. Passengers aboard the Polar Express are expected to arrive at least 45 minutes early (so Santa has time to check the naughty & nice guest list twice). Once on board the hour long journey, the train teller will punch your golden ticket before hot chocolate and cookies wiz passed your head as served by dancing, magical chefs. Passengers can then read along to the classic children's book "The Polar Express" as characters on board - who you may recognize from the story - lead in caroling and on-board entertainment. When you arrive home each passenger will be gifted a silver sleigh bell from Santa's sleigh so you may bring the sounds of Christmas home with you.

If you have a child on the autism spectrum or with other sensory sensibilities, the Polar Express Ride Sensory Friendly Experience has a golden ticket for you. The special sensory friendly ride will leave the station on December 19th at 4:30 p.m. Passengers can arrive up to 1.5 hours early. If any guests acclimate to their space better when they can learn what to expect through visuals and language before entering the area, a 'Social Story' of the sequence of the experience will be available for at home viewing. The sensory sensitive ride is especially magic because there will be additional lighting on board, limited flashing lights, softer audio levels, limited jolting audio effects and quiet space on board the train for those who might feel overstimulated. The cost of any ticket varies from ($48.00 - $58.00) and can be found here.

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