The Naked Magic Show

00:00 August 03, 2016
By: Emily Hingle

I am a huge sucker for a magic man. A lot of men think they’re magical, but I’m talking about men who actually know how to perform magic tricks. This particular two-dude show combined my beloved magic tricks, lots of comedy-- which I like too, and very nearly full-frontal male nudity. If there wasn’t such a long line at the bar, I would have been in heaven!

Mike, not to be confused with Magic Mike though there was male stripping, and his partner, Chris, didn’t immediately drop trou. I mean, this is a classy show! But they started this fast-paced show by nicely introducing themselves and talking all about their junk. There were plenty of penis jokes as you would imagine, but they were mixed with plenty of contemporary humor like hunting for Pokémon on stage and the like.

Mike and Chris brought up plenty of volunteers to participate in some pretty astounding tricks. One volunteer thought that his cell phone had been smashed by a sledgehammer. It turned up later in one of the three orifices of an inflatable sex doll that had not been touched since the show began! It’s magic.

My favorite part was when all the members of the audience were given red envelopes containing eight pieces of paper, each with a different picture on one side. Mike and Chris led us all through our own magic trick that culminated with most of the audience successfully completing the trick in their own hands. That was a sexy trick!

So what about the stripping, you ask? Well, nearer to end of the show, when they were just in some Speedos and escaping from straitjackets, they said that they were about to go to the Full Monty. Get ready. Well, that moment came (pun intended) when they majestically faux-masturbated to the tune of “My Heart Will Go On” as little pieces of tissue flew beautifully throughout the theater. Those bits of tissue then magically turned into confetti for the big finale.

The show was extremely entertaining throughout, but those horny screaming ladies in the audience may have been the real entertainment.  

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