Courtesy of Louisiana Film Channel

The Louisiana Film Channel is Trying Its Hand at Streaming Services

11:00 November 13, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Following suit with many entertainment companies and providers, the Louisiana Film Channel (LFC) is launching a streaming service with a very large, curated library of Louisiana-oriented movies and television series. You can sign up for your subscription now to get the payment out of the way and begin watching as soon as the service goes live, which is rather soon. November 26 is the set launch date, and subscriptions are available at either a monthly rate of $5 a month or an annual fee of $50.

You can check out the LFC's streaming service and its lineup by visiting the site, and upon doing so, you will notice that they already have a considerable number of films and shows at the ready. While a number of them are available only if you subscribe, there are also a few items you can watch at absolutely no cost. As you will see on the website, the "Freebie Bundle" tab explains that by simply making an account, no payment necessary, a few shows and films will open up for instant streaming. You can use this as a sort of virtual toe-dipping in the pool; if you like what you see with your free account, then you can upgrade it to the quite-reasonable $5-a-month plan.

The LFC is eager to announce that they are acquiring new programming quite regularly and will offer new content at a weekly pace. Born from the demand of many Louisiana residents for more cinema focused directly on our beloved state, this streaming service will also begin to acquire exclusive programming, much in the same way that the juggernauts of the industry, such as Netflix, do. Hopefully, this streaming service can become a household name and a staple in the industry, so that many more aspiring Louisiana filmmakers can express themselves.

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