The Longtime Goners

00:00 March 24, 2014
By: Emily Hingle

This is your grandpa's country! The Longtime Goners have gone back a long time to find their pure country sound. They've even got a soulful pedal steel guitar played by John James providing its own take on each song. John James is not limited to this essential instrument; he also plays the dobro, electric guitar, and fiddle which is also prominently featured on many songs. "Canners Blues" does have a bit of a modern touch with a surf-sounding electric guitar that flows just under the surface of the yodel-filled lament like gurgling water. The following song "Down in Pasco" has a bit of a Cajun feel with a spicy harmonica and fiddle combo throughout. The song packs a punch with a bright beat by drummer Tony Frickey. "Stubborn As I Am Blue" is another slow, sorrowful ballad that can cut you right to the bone with its honest take on the feeling of heartache. Backing vocalist Caitlin Rose sings the chorus along with Ronnie Aitkins, and it seems that they two are the pair who have broken up over stubbornness. The worn canvas look of the album and CD itself are also indications that The Longtime Goners are keeping it true to the old school. And with twelve classic country songs with great names like "Nowhere Bound" and "Waltzing With The Wind" filling up the album, you'll be tapping your cowboy boots for some time.

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