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The Krewe of Nyx's Racial Insensitivity Scandal

14:32 June 10, 2020
By: John Glover

Multiple float lieutenants and thousands of riders (constituting a majority of the total number of krewe members) of the gargantuan, all-female Mardi Gras krewe, the Mystic Krewe of Nyx, resigned in protest early this week.

They did so over what they allege is racial insensitivity on the part of their captain and founder Julie Lea. Local news station 4WWL reported on the news.

Amid the nationwide protests, Lea posted on the Krewe of Nyx's social media pages: "Our souls are the same color" and "#AllLivesMatter." While these statements might seem innocuous, Krewe of Nyx lieutenants and riders saw Lea's statements as, at best, missing the point, and, at worst, racist apologia.

Still granting her the benefit of the doubt, concerned lieutenants met with their captain via a Zoom call. Two things allegedly happened at this meeting, which prompted the resignations en masse. One, the group attempted to compose a statement revising Lea's original social media posts by including the phrase "Black Lives Matter," which Lea refused to include. Two, the captain refused to elevate African American members to the krewe board, saying that she's "had some before," and "it didn't work out."

After this run-in, outraged krewe members threatened to resign en masse, unless Lea stepped down from her position of captain. Lea refused. More than two dozen lieutenants and hundreds of riders then followed through on their threat. The lieutenants handed in their formal resignations on Monday.

One former krewe member, Stephanie Kreamer, said, "I think it [the resignations] shows that some ideals are important enough, and Black Lives Matter is important enough to us that this is what had to be done."

Photo by Miguel Discart.

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