The Iguanas- Sin to Sin

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Emily Hingle

The Iguanas

Sin to Sin

Blowout Music The Iguanas’ Sin to Sin is meant to be on the decadent and dirty side of Latin-infused rock music, and they will take you from sinful to sexy and back with this album. I fi nd it very amusing that the fi rst words of the album are “You make me sick”. A chorus of musicians, including vocalist Rod Hodges and guest vocalist Jerry Giddins, even spells out the word “sick” numerous times to emphasize how undesirable this person is. The music is boozy and fun; it’s evident when the singer says to someone offstage, “Someone get me a shot”. “Poncho” is very Latin-sounding, and is mostly a call-and-response of horns, led by saxophonist Joe Cabral, featuring exotic percussions by Anthony Cuccia. The guitar by Hodges makes an appearance halfway into the song when he leads the call that the others respond to, then solos over the music. “Oye Mi Cumbia” is a danceable Tex-Mex song that only has Spanish words, like the following song, “Te Espero Alla En El Bar,” which is much more dramatic and romantic; it sounds like you could tango to it while you’re in a cantina in Mexico. The gorgeous piano by guest musician Brian Coogan scales with fl air throughout the song before darkly accompanying the sultry electric guitar as it solos during the bridge. “Won’t Sit Down” also has a darker feel, but is more modern. Hodges and guest vocalist Sara Quintana sing together in a chic, 1960s-mod harmony about a girl and a guy they are watching interact. If you’re in the mood for something a little spicy, indulge in Sin to Sin.

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