The Honorable South Invents Electric Soul-Rock

00:00 January 20, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré
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Saturday night was an epic evening of drunken sadness and fandom insanity. With the Saints ending their season and Beyonce’s family masquerading at Muriel’s, the French Quarter seemed to be the most boisterous place in the city. 

In the midst of the nights insanity there was a meager sense of normalcy located between Royal and Bourbon Street. That piece of local was in the hazily lit One Eyed Jacks where a tiny little free spirit skipped and danced on their famous stage. 

Dressed in a black cat-suit with cream cowboy boots and gold string threaded through her hair Ms. Charm (lead singer of The Honorable South) commanded the crowd’s attention with her sultry swag and expressive voice. The Honorable South performed songs from their first E.P. album in combination with a few tracks from their latest album titled I Love my Tribe and some new tracks that will most likely be on their newest album, Faithful Brave & Honest, which is set to release this year. The band, as always, performed all originally written material as they exemplified their genre of “Electric Soul, Rock & Roll” in front of the eager audience. They were heavily engaged with the crowd, making their show an inimitable experience. 

Preceding The Honorable South was female fronted band, Daria & The Hip Drops. The tag-team group of three collectively sings and plays instruments. Their sound is rock-reggae; reminiscent of the early years of the alternative rock band No Doubt. Ending the night was high energy rock duo Baby Bee. Their animated performance was the perfect ending to a night of good music and fun in the center of the rambunctious French Quarter.
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