The Groove Krewe Is Running To Daylight

09:33 August 03, 2022
By: Emily Hingle

The Groove Krewe's Run To Daylight album is perfectly titled. That's because the tunes on this album are meant to be enjoyed starting in the daylight and into dusk. Beginning with the title track, this groovy party time music makes you want to have a get together at your house. Shoes off, beer in hand, laughing and dancing with the neighbors. Each song has a nice, even beat that's faster than a ballad and slower than turn-up tunes. "That's New Orleans" is a true love letter to New Orleans livin'; featured vocalist Nick Daniels III effortlessly belts out, "Saints and Sinner pray for goodness sake. Faith keeps them going even if the levees break." And you gotta love the chorus call back, "Yeah you right!"

Where I find this album stands out is the fusion of R&B, funk, and brass which is a testament to the fusion of genres often played on local stages. The New Orleans music scene is incredibly fluid, and musicians often play with several bands in varying genres. Where the song "Have A Party" has a more disco bass, guitar, and horn groove to it, "Where Love Lies" has a more Caribbean feel with a mild reggae beat and awesome organ.

Run To Daylight has got rhythm and soul, but it's not chaotic or intense. It's just a really fun album perfect for movin' and groovin' to the sound.

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