The Generationals Play at Tipitina’s to Wrap Up Their Tour at Home

17:00 October 07, 2019
By: Camille Barnett

Locals love supporting local talent, and the Generationals performing live at Tipitina's on Saturday night was a testament to that. The venue was filled with fans excited to welcome the band home for their final show after touring over 20 cities for the past couple of months. The indie-pop duo, made up of high school friends Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer, was formed in New Orleans in 2007. Their sound echoes rock/pop influences of the 50s, 60s, and 70s and incorporates elements of britpop, dance, and electronic music. Their first debut album, Con Law, was released in 2009. Their sixth studio album, Reader as Detective, was just released in July of this year and prompted their most recent tour.

Saturday night openers were the Atlanta-based indie group Neighbor Lady and local artist Amelia Neville, they warmed up the crowd and appropriately set the mood. Once the duo took the stage, they played over 15 songs that span across their 10-year career. Fans clapped, danced, and sang lyrics to songs like "Put a Light On," "Catahoula Man," "I Turned My Back on the Written Word," "When They Fight, They Fight," "Faces in the Dark," and "Xeno Bobby." They alternated between their guitar, microphone, keyboard, and synthesizer in front of aesthetic, geometric-shaped LED lights that flashed and changed colors through their set. Without any unnecessary, drawn-out transitions, they flowed from one song to the next, giving the audience what they came for: music. They ended the show with a 2-song encore and closed it out with "Spinoza."

Over the years, the Generationals have gained popularity as their catchy songs have been featured in commercials for Bloomingdales, the Amazon Kindle, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups; in TV Shows like Chuck, and Suit; and in comedy films such as Going the Distance and Hall Pass. They've also been openers for acts such as Broken Social Scene and Two Door Cinema Club. The Generationals' next performance will be in March at the M3F Festival in Phoenix, Arizona!

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