The Front Bottoms Take Over the House of Blues

04:30 June 03, 2018
By: Steve Hatley

The term pop-punk can be taken as a very frightful thing. Many bands that play such a style are more prone to the tongue-in-cheek, over-the-top antics, than, say, a regular punk band. That being said, New Jersey natives The Front Bottoms take those notions and overlay them with a fresh outlook and have managed to put a spin on folk music into the mix as well. Their stop by the House of Blues was a refreshing reminder of just how great music can be, especially when you aren’t that familiar with the band.

As a general rule, I try to go into a show knowing at least something about a band. My knowledge of the Front Bottoms was basically their latest EP Annand another EP Rose. The band has a lot of material to go through but focused on those two and 2017’s Going Grey.  The set was built so that the band would play the two extended plays, then the album, and come back for a two-song encore.   

This setup was nice, because each EP and the album had their own backdrop. The two EPs had a relaxed feel, with a couch and several lamps all about the stage. After the band played them both, they dropped a white scrim to change out the set. They played a meditation track during the transfer, which led into last year’s album. The crowd erupted in excitement as the scrim dropped.

Happy accidents are one of those things I really enjoy as a concert-goer. Hearing a band that you know is on the verge of breaking out is a nice byproduct of the adventure. The Front Bottoms are one of those bands and a real joy to hear live.

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