The Eagles at Smoothie King Center 2/23/14

00:00 February 27, 2014
By: Giselli Danzig

Don Henley and Glenn Fry, the undisputed leaders of the Eagles, always seem to be fighting something—authority, record labels, themselves—but taking the stage at Smoothie King Center the main thing they fought was bronchitis.Each seemed to shrug it off in style as best as they could, and proceeded to lead the band though an impressive 3+ hour show with a chronological setlist of it's hits.Cell phones, not drugs, were the contraband the ushers were most intent on busting—-quite a departure from the roots that the band has sprung from in it's 4+ decade career span. Ushers accosted patrons at the first blink of light from their pockets, simultaneously annoying (I had to check on my kids!) and refreshing (a rare vacation from that ubiquitous screen).The result was an appreciative crowd who came to see some of the most prolific hit-makers from the 20th century give a history lesson of great song writing, harmonies and showmanship.Fry and Henley, clearly the band's Lennon and McCartney, pushed through the first of two sets with their signature songs including "Witchy Woman," "Tequila Sunrise," "Lyin' Eyes" and "One of these Nights."In the second set, guitarist Joe Walsh infused some needed rock energy playing several of his solo hits including "Life's Been Good to Me So Far" and his former band, James Gang's "Funk #49."Even bassist Timothy B. Schmidt chipped in with a gorgeous version of "I Can't Tell You Why."Clearly the Eagles are one of the most balanced and talents bands in the history of rock.Their tumultuous past seems to have given them a sense of appreciation for what they have accomplished and the fans that have made it all possible.Their last encore included "Take It Easy," an anthem to not take life too seriously and "Desperado," a song of longing and heartache.The Eagles have had plenty of both and they had it all on display at the Smoothie King Center.

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