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The Best Spots to Get Your English Breakfast Tea Fix in The Big Easy

11:31 December 02, 2020
By: Staff

Tea comes in many different forms, and as such, you may not always be able to find the right tea for you in New Orleans.

We have already explored some of the best venues for tea in New Orleans, but that covered the whole range of teas you might like to imbue. One of the most popular, certainly here in the United States, is iced tea, but flavored teas are also hugely popular around the world.

One type of tea that does invoke very different images to most is English Breakfast tea. It is odd for tea to become so inextricably linked with England when the origin of the drink lies further afield, in China and the Far East. But across the pond, they love their breakfast tea, making it a popular tipple around the world. Britain is a nation of tea drinkers, with
Gala Bingo explaining how 22 percent of the population start drinking tea before the age of five. Of course, it may be labelled as breakfast tea, but it is not to be enjoyed only in the morning, but maybe as part of another quintessentially English pursuit: afternoon tea.

Where can you go if you want to enjoy a proper English Breakfast tea right here in the Big Easy? We have selected four of the best locations for a traditional British "cuppa," as they call it.

English Tea Room, Covington

We touched upon this location in our last article, but it would be remiss not to do so again. The décor is fitting for the products they provide, with a
traditional English café feel achieved internally with lots of exposed wood and a few Union Jacks for good measure. Their range of teas extends to over 200, but as expected, they excel at English Breakfast tea. They have a great menu of snacks, too, as well as a portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the wall.

Windsor Court Hotel

The Windsor Court Hotel has a wonderfully English-sounding name, bearing the family name of the current monarch, which fits perfectly with its high-tea menu. It will be transforming into a
New Orleans Winter Wonderland this winter, but that does not mean that you will not be able to take afternoon tea there. They offer 26 different types of loose leaf tea, including English Breakfast, as well as gourmet sandwiches and homemade scones to complete the experience.

The Ritz - Carlton

The Ritz is almost a by-word for luxury and opulence and, when tea first arrived in England, it was enjoyed by those who had the money to afford it. That makes the final entry on our list quite fitting, as the Ritz Carlton delivers a great afternoon tea experience in its Davenport Lounge, serving English Breakfast tea among others. Perhaps the light jazz and cocktails it also offers are a little more New Orleans than Old England, but the experience is still well worth it nonetheless.

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