[Photos Provided by Steve Hatley]

The Alarm Sounds Off at House of Blues New Orleans

15:01 August 01, 2017
By: Steve Hatley

There’s always been a fine line in the definition of what constitutes a band—as in, how many members still need to be in the band for it to keep its name? Mike Peters, Dave Sharp, Eddie Macdonald, and Nigel Twist formed the band in 1981 in Rhyl, Wales. The only original member left in the band is lead singer, guitarist, and harmonica player extraordinaire, Mike Peters.

The band's punk roots have always managed to weave through their catalogue and lives, unabashed in their live sets. Their visit to the Parish at the House of Blues was yet another reason for Peters to celebrate living and push for more bone marrow donors, as he once had to fight off cancer. The song “Strength” plays hard on that message, and Sharp didn’t stay away from the opportunity to let the audience know its significance. The set was a quick and coherent romp through the group’s history, but concentrated particularly on their 1984 debut album Declaration. Their cover of Willie Nelson’s “One Guitar” was by far the crowd’s favorite of the night. For a band that doesn’t really have much commercial success, you couldn’t tell it by the crowd, as they sang along to every tune.

You can see more pictures from the amazing show here, and the “An Evening With” showcase couldn’t have been any more perfect.  

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