Tasting Notes

00:00 May 04, 2012

Chef Nathanial Zimet, big Sam’s funky Nation and the Howlin’ Wolf Den

“Do I have to pick one musician?” asks Boucherie’s Chef nathanial Zimet. “it’s such a hard thing to choose, there are just so many awesome musicians.”

While making sausage in his kitchen at Boucherie, Zimet was reluctant to choose, but the very first name to pop from his lips was Big sam. almost five years ago, before he opened his highly successful restaurant on Jeannette street, Zimet spent a lot of time working in the Big Purple truck that was always parked outside tipitina’s. it was the first time he ever saw the raw energy that is Big sam’s Funky nation, and he was hooked. they were often able to catch performances because, “no one wanted to buy food while the music was playing,” and if you’ve ever seen Big sam Williams in action, you’d understand why.

It seems that Big sam enjoys nathanial’s food as well. When the music was over at tiptina’s, he’d often come out to get food at the Big Purple truck. in fact, Zimet admitted that he also met the energetic musician just recently. “He picked up a couple of 12-Hour roast Beef Po-boys for him and his wife at French Quarter Fest.”

It seems that Chef Zimet is feeding the music world once again at the Howling Wolf Den, with delectable bar food like tasty wings, sausages and cheese sticks with house-pulled mozzarella. While Zimet revamps lunch a bit at Boucherie, friend and fellow chef Chef adrienne Flament resh will be managing the kitchen at the Den. “she’s going over there because i trust her fully.”

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