Tabasco's Scorpion Sauce Is the New King of Sting
Jul 21 2017

Tabasco's Scorpion Sauce Is the New King of Sting

By: Jordan Selesnick

Something’s burning down the house and it’s not The Talking Heads. No, it just happens that a scorpion found its way into the Tabasco bottling factory and heated up some sauces that will sting any spice enthusiast. But this scorpion is no arachnid, it’s the scorpion pepper—ground down, liquefied, and combined with guava, pineapple, and just a bit of the classic Tabasco sauce to form what is now the infamous Tabasco Scorpion Sauce.

The sauce is already topping charts for many Bloody Mary mixologists. It is said to provide hot, island-style tanginess to any dish or drink. But be careful! Unless you come from the underworld and are some kind of heat fiend, you will only want a drop or two in your dish. Tabasco claims that it is a whopping 20 times hotter than its original hot sauce.

The sauce just hit markets on July 19, and will only be available for a limited time, so go and grab some scorpion before it’s gone.

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