T-Roy - Nola Rock

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Emily Hingle


Nola Rock

Bayou International Records A Jamaican flag placed atop the Superdome in the very center of this album’s cover, created by the musician and Michael Cangelosi, is certainly a clue to what this album holds. The album’s writer, producer, and mixer, DJ T-Roy, also known as Tony Oubre, is a laid-back reggae man living in the bustling city, and uses both infl uences to create his instrumental sound through keyboards and computer-made beats. Each track in the ten-song album has the identifying reggae beat, but they all have a different mood. The title track has a melody that is uncharacteristically serious. “Not Just Any Lover Dub” has a cool distorted guitar played by Belizaire, also the album’s engineer. T-Roy uses a bongo sound effect on “Outta Babylon Dub,” as well as instances of echoes to make a spacey sound. “Give Jah” has a bit of a more serious tone, with siren sounds wailing, then fading into the background, faraway clanging, and low keyboard notes during parts. The following song, “People Have Feelings Dub,” follows in its wake. “Revolution” has a cool opening with psychedelic guitar. T-Roy often hosts reggae dance nights throughout New Orleans, especially at the Dragon’s Den, that have gained him a following of people interested in his compilation of classic reggae and dancehall tunes. Nola Rock is the fi rst album he has released of his original music, and he plans on making many more. Nola Rock is a good album for a lazy day, just wanting to relax and enjoy your time.

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