Swervedriver at The Parish

14:30 September 28, 2015

Much like the concept of, “I'll know it when I see it,” shoegaze music tends to follow the “I'll know it when I hear it” philosophy...or, at least, “you think you will.”  The genre was coined by a music journalist in the early 80s, due to the fact that guitarists were looking at their feet to hit the right petal.  The ensuing sounds of swirling first effects encapsulated the sound.  One of the pioneers of the movement was England's Swervedriver.  While a lot of their albums didn't keep to that notion their lives shows picked up the slack. 

1998 was the last year Swervedriver toured with new material...that is until this year. The band has a new album out, I Wasn't Born to Lose You,and are touring on it. The set as one would guess was comprised mostly of that material and fan favorite Mezcal Head.  Adam Franklin (vocals, lead and rhythm guitar) and Jimmy Hartridge (lead guitar) are the remaining original members and were joined by replacements Paul Dillon (Mercury Rev and Sparklehourse) on bass and Mikey Jones (The Big Sleep and Snowden) on drums.  Some may question how many members of a band need be still in a band to be considered that same band.  In this case it really doesn't matter as the heart of the band’s sound has always been Franklin.  Hartridge's guitar work perfectly complements Franklin's all-out assault and Jones and Dillon are the perfect filter. 

The Parish at the House of Blues served as the perfect room for the show. The audience got a nice and interment show as well as a lesson on those core principles of the shoegaze sound.  It may have been 17 years since I saw the band last, but the songs and performances rang true to everything I grew to love about the band.  You can see more pictures here: http://jalbum.net/a/1659226


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