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Sweat Your Brass Off With “Twerk Ya Brass”

09:00 December 16, 2020
By: Abbey Hebert

Move Ya Brass, an energetic and zany New Orleans fitness program, is partnering with Crescent Park to present Twerk Ya Brass, a FREE bouncy and socially distant fitness workout. Twerk Ya Brass will be in Crescent Park at the Mandeville Wharf, providing a beautiful view of both the city and the river. Join Move Ya Brass for Twerk Ya Brass on Thursday, December 17, from 5:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m., for an innovative and intensive workout.

Move Ya Brass is a New Orleanian fitness program that provides fun and entertaining ways to work out. You won't find yourself being sweaty and miserable with their programs, only sweaty. Those who endure their challenging and enjoyable workouts form a bond that, as described by Move Ya Brass, greatly resembles family. The mission of this program is "to promote a happy, positive, and healthy lifestyle and to encourage celebration of our daily lives by taking you off the sidelines and into a New Orleans second line!"

Move Ya Brass also puts on other workout programs, such as the Trail Zilla Half-Marathon and Armadillo Dash Trail 5k on December 19, the Southshore Fall/Winter Shakeout Run on December 21, the Jackson Day Race on January 10, and more. Move Ya Brass also offers various fitness classes that are similar to Twerk Ya Brass, such as Bounce Ya Brass and Stretch Ya Brass. To see an entire list of the fitness workouts offered, click here.

Move Ya Brass has emphasized their compliance with and commitment to following social-distancing guidelines, meaning that anyone attending public classes, such as Twerk Ya Brass, will be required to wear face masks appropriately and to practice social distancing. In order to attend Twerk Your Brass, you must reserve your spot; click here to do that now.

Don't miss out on your chance to sweat your brass off with Move Ya Brass!

Crescent Park, Mandeville Wharf, 2300 N. Peters

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