Summer Beauty Tricks on a Budget

05:01 July 04, 2015
By: Rachel Davis

In case you have not walked outside lately, here is a little update: It is really, really getting hot in here.

As a northern girl living in New Orleans, I have had to figure out a beauty routine that worked with the heat, and especially the humidity. After three years of trial and error, and paying too much for services and products that did more harm than good, I have figured out some simple (and cheap!) beauty hacks that makes being outside in the Louisiana summers bearable. All of these products can be found at your local drug or convenience store.


Humidity and sweat are a truly terrible combo forcing the women of the south into battle with their hair everyday. When I first moved down south, I tried to conquer the frizz, even attempting to use hot styling tools to tame my ever-expanding locks. But with age I have gained great wisdom on the subject of hair maintenance, and the answer to dealing with summers heat is accepting the hair you have been given. Instead of working against your hair, work with it.

I have long, wavy hair. To help keep the waves out of the way of my face, I apply a texturizing sea salt spray to my wet hair and let it dry. I really like Not Your Mother’s brand because it is cheap and reliable. After my hair dries, I use a very small amount of Moroccan oil to tame any fly-aways.

One big trick is dry shampoo. Carry it with you. Become friends with it. I use baby powder as a dry shampoo, which can get weird if I apply too much to my dark hair. Find a brand that works for you to keep you oil free all day long.

Finally, I have embraced hair accessories. They are a cheap, fun way to look like you tried when you did not really have the time of day. Bonus! You can keep your hair off your face and neck if you are going to be outside during the day. Headbands, scrunchies, and cute clips are lifesavers for hot days when you’re in a rush.


Similar as with my hair, I channeled my inner Buddha and chose to accept my skin instead of attempting to change it. Going from highly air-conditioned areas to the scorching sun was a nightmare for my face. It confused my dry skin, drying it out even more.

Every few nights I rub coconut oil on my face, lips and any other part of my body that seems worn out or cracked from the sun. Most people use coconut oil for cooking, and not their daily beauty regime. Yet, it is a great and gentle exfoliant that helps to scrape of excess dead skin and unclog the substances that can creep into your pores. (Think about the construction all around New Orleans right now. That dirt must stay away from vulnerable skin.)

Yet, I know many people have the opposite problem and become especially oily in the summer. This means lots of face washing. Throw these small, oil-absorbing wipes in your bag, just in case you find yourself in need of a mid-day clean up.

The two most important rules for the summer are SPF and ... SPF again. Protect your skin and splurge in a cream or face lotion with atleast SPF 30. This goes for the rest of your skin too. Besides avoiding awkward tan lines, your skin will stay protected. 


You guessed it, simple makeup for hot and humid days is the only way to go. Waterproof mascara has saved my life. I know some people swear off it, but unfortunately timed raccoon-eyed incidents will have you running to your nearest CVS for a fix. Because you will only be really needing this for the few, super-hot months on the hottest days, I always buy drug-store brands. My favorite is Maybelline New York Great Lash Waterproof Mascara. It goes on light, but still gets the job done.

My favorite part of summer makeup is color. Find a moisturizing chap-stick or lipstick in a bright color to brighten your look. Burt’s Bees makes a great tinted lip balm to keep you fresh and fun all day long.

Good luck beating the heat this summer. Just remembr to keep things simple and natural!

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