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Study Shows Diet Soda Drinkers More At Risk of Stroke & Dementia

11:28 April 26, 2017
By: Shelby Stewart

A new study shows that there is a correlation between diet soda and both stroke and dementia. People who drink diet soda daily are almost three times as likely to develop stroke and dementia as those who consumed it weekly or less.

In a summary from the AHA, the study found that,  "those who reported consuming at least one artificially sweetened drink a day, compared to less than one a week, were 2.96 times as likely to have an ischemic stroke, caused by blood vessel blockage, and 2.89 times as likely to be diagnosed with dementia due to Alzheimer's disease," said a summary from the AHA.

Christopher Gardner, director of Nutrition Studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, said in an AHA release,  “The bottom line is, 'Have more water and have less diet soda.” And don't switch to real soda."

Although the study only showed correlation and not actual cause and effect, it’s recommended by doctors to stay away from all sodas.

Matthew Pase, a Boston University School of Medicine neurologist made a statement saying, “Still, people should be "cautious" about their intake of diet sodas.

And they should most definitely not retreat to sugary drinks, he said. They have been associated not only with obesity and its consequences, such as diabetes but with poorer memory and smaller overall brain volumes.

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