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Study Ranks LSU Third Place for Worst-Behaved Fan Base

22:30 December 16, 2021
By: Gracie Wise

American football has entertained college students and football fanatics for decades. Following the creation of the NFL in 1920, more sports leagues were established, and with more teams came loyal fan bases packing the stands. Many football fans have grown more competitive in recent years, and some fans take it way too far.

Last week, PlayMichigan surveyed over 2,000 NCAA football fans and asked them to rate the unsportsmanlike behavior of each fan base. Sadly, LSU Tigers ranked third place for the worst-behaved fan base in the NCAA.

According to PlayMichigan, many LSU fans yell at other people to the point of borderline harassment and even go as far as tailgating their opponents and pelting them with Mardi Gras beads. Meanwhile, Alabama Crimson Tide is No. 1 for fan arrogance towards other teams with Ohio State Buckeyes being No. 2 for the same reason as LSU (but with car flippings). Following the three are the Tennessee Volunteers for littering and the Florida Gators for drunk and disorderly conduct. In addition, SEC, also known as Southeastern Conference, takes the cake for its pompous attitude towards other football conference fans, according to the study.

While there's nothing wrong with supporting your favorite team and getting competitive and a little cheeky in the stands, harassment and criminal behavior in the name of competition is unacceptable. Next time you're going to a football game, knock yourself out, but don't spoil other people's fun and, most importantly, stay out of trouble!

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