Edward Xu, Unsplash

Stormy Daniels to Sell Merch for Eyehategod at New Orleans Album Release Show

11:00 July 21, 2021
By: Madeline Taliancich

Adult film star Stormy Daniels and sludge metal band Eyehategod are two names you probably wouldn't expect to hear with one another. But, according to an announcement from the New Orleans-based band, Daniels is friends with the band and will even be selling their merchandise at an upcoming event this fall.

On September 10 and 11, Eyehategod will be celebrating the release of their latest album, A History of Nomadic Behavior, that came out earlier this year, kicking off their upcoming fall tour in New Orleans at Poor Boys at 1328 St. Bernard Ave. The band didn't have a chance to celebrate the release of their album back in March, so the September events will be making up for lost excitement. These two nights are a precursor to their upcoming tour, which begins September 12 in Lafayette at the Freetown Boom Boom Room, located at 300 McKinley St.

Daniels will be at these two events selling merchandise for the band. In their announcement of the event and Daniels's participation, Eyehategod said, "Stop by and say hi!" Following the events, Eyehategod will be heading off to 10 other cities to perform with GWAR and Madball. After these shows, the band will meet up with GWAR and Napalm Death for a tour spanning more than three dozen cities.

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