Stefan- Informal Introduction

00:00 January 29, 2014

Informal Introduction
Team Herban

For those on a search for some fun new hip hop, look no further.  Stefan, a local MC, has recently put out a promising new mix tape entitled Informal Introduction.  The Crescent City native collides his New Orleans roots with a swagger similar to many of the frontrunners of Chicago’s current scene.  The tape’s highlight, “Mind Drifter” takes you inside the mind of a man who sees his next move long before he makes it, rhyming about his laidback lifestyle, skateboarding, and the particular direction he wants to take hip-hop.  As both MC and producer, the 90s revivalist brings to mind the style of megastars such as Lupe Fiasco and the Cool Kids. Though Stefan produces many of his own beats, he also creatively utilizes the infamous sounds of Mobb Deep and Erica Badu alongside lyrical content similar to that of Kid Cudi.  The mix tape also features two fellow members of Stefan’s Team Herban: Saumatic Coop and Vice Roy, who each hold their own. With solid production, catchy hooks and clever lyrics, Stefan’s first release accommodates the taste of a wide range of hip-hop followers who should all consider this for an addition to their playlists.  Keep in mind this is only a mix tape, and his first at that.  When considering how driven this young talent appears to be, we can safely assume that the best is yet to come for Stefan.  For this MC on the rise, it is merely his Informal Introduction.

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