Stay Safe and In-Shape

18:07 April 12, 2016
By: Leigh Wright

Situated in a quaint two-story strip mall off of General Gaule is a training center for combat and self-defense in the modern world. The athletes and everyday individuals that dedicate hours to train at Triumph Krav Maga have a lot to be proud of. Triumph has created a business that people don’t just believe in the ethos; they gain the confidence to know how to handle almost any dangerous situation.

To go inside Triumph and peel back the layers takes some extensive work. Not only are there multiple levels of Krav Maga, but Monkey Bar Gym, partnerships with Nola BJJ, and nutritional help combine to build lifestyles in health and safety. One of the most unique aspects of this gym is the community outreach founder Vinary Chary produces.

A few examples of Triumph’s community safety vision are free classes for law enforcement officers, a six-week women's only challenge, and their partnerships with Sweat Angels (an organization to donate money to charity for social media check-ins). In addition to all of this Triumph is hosting a women's only free seminar on April 17th at their facility. No prior experience is required and it’s only two hours. You walk in, learn, and walk out knowing that no matter what happens you can prepare yourself. This event is hosted in consideration of Sexual Harassment Awareness month in April.

A simple look through all of the reviews for Triumph are enough to convince skeptics of the genuine results and care the gym puts into its mission. If the simple Yelp-style doesn’t cut it for you though then take Triumph’s newest addition to the facility, a national award. Out of over 200 schools training those who care about their health and safety New Orleans’ very own has been voted “2015 School of the Year” by its franchise, Krav Maga Worldwide.

“I am extraordinarily proud of the hard work the staff and students put into their training.” Says Vinay Chary, owner and founder of Triumph Krav Maga. “We want to prepare our community for the real-life dangers that are out there. Our hope is to help people gain confidence, the skills to protect themselves, and a healthy lifestyle.”

The award comes with a description that describes just how “modern” Krav Maga takes itself. “In honor of the school that exhibits the highest standards of business acumen in the facility and website design, staffing support, customer service, and overall business model and plan for sharing and applying the principles of Krav Maga.”

In New Orleans we know the city can produce harrowing stories of crime. It’s rare to find a place where you can throw punches, kicks and grapple with friends who you still want to drink beers with afterward.

Get in shape and go home safe.

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