St. Patty's Saturday and Sunday

00:00 March 12, 2014
By: Emily Hingle
1656366_10152191487580266_1787556916_nUnderground Guide - Underground Guide

 Siberia has a two-fer on Thursday night beginning with Big Deal Burlesque presented by Trashy Diva and produced by Roxie le Rouge at 9 p.m. for $10 and ending with Obliteration all the way from Norway, Ritual Decay, and Grave Ritual immediately after also for $10.

Holy G-Strings, Batman! It’s Xena Zeit-Geist’s Arkham ASSylum: A Batman Burlesque Play! This vaudevillian show follows the adventures Miss Xena Zeit-Geist as she and her sidekicks take it off in the name of naked justice. The show runs for two weekends at The Shadowbox Theater at 11 p.m. for $10.

The first St. Patrick’s parties begin on Saturday. Parasol’s and Tracey’s will hold their legendary block parties and the Irish Channel Parade rolls at 1 p.m. down Magazine Street. Saturday will also be the first in a series of concerts celebrating the release of the 3rd edition of Michael Patrick Welch’s Underground Guide. This show takes place at the Allways Lounge at 10 p.m. and features a feast for the eyes with Trixie Minx, Cherry Brown, and sword swallower Ri Dickulous. Music provided by Lil Current Vocal Club. Just across the neutral ground, bluesmen Little Freddie King and Guitar Lightnin’ Lee hold court at Siberia at 10 p.m. for $10.

 The St. Patrick’s Day Parade rolls down Metairie Road on Sunday at noon, but don’t let your bags of produce get too heavy. You’ll need your arm strength for the opening of the

Former actor Macaulay Culkin comes into town with his band The Pizza Underground at the Hi Ho Lounge on Monday night. The show, unfortunately, sold out within days of being announced. But there’s nothing wrong with listening to the show just outside the walls. It’s a pretty small club. However, King Parrot on the next night at Siberia will be open to all. The show will be opened by Vattnet Viskar, Vaporizer, and Art of the Process at 10 p.m. for $10. 

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