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00:00 May 25, 2014
By: David Vicari
[Courtesy of SPEx]


White Noise


Last year was a good year for Alec Fatherree, Sam Aronoff and Corey Cruse, who by a stroke of genius decided to band together to become SPEx. Their debut EP White Noise/Lost Boys, proves that the guys are on the path to bring psychedelic-programming to the forefront of the Crescent City's musical offerings. The first track, "Razorsharp," is reminiscent of an opening scene from Law & Order SVU. Your heart will race as your mind wanders during the near seven-minute song. With lyrics written by the group's vocalist, Alec Fatherree, the production work by Shawn Eib of Sounds Like Audio LLC masters the music written by band members Samson Aronoff and Corey Cruse to pay tribute to techno and electronic greats. The harmonizing-like sound of Fatherree's voice mixed with the fast-paced music makes the song hypnotizing. The title track sounds very 80's pop worthy, similar to the Real McCoy, but more electronic. "Face of War" feels like a Western movie soundtrack item or maybe even Cruel Intentions. The vocal performance takes the listener through a rollercoaster of emotions and shows the most vocal range. And for the person who might just be listening to this brand of music for the first time, "Where You Are" is the mellowest track and a great introduction to electronic. Throughout the project, each member shows how necessary he is to the group's purpose of blending the right sounds for the compositions to maintain that hypnotizing, yet energetic sound. Having been influenced by early pioneered industrial music and modern electro, SPEx almost feels like they are what Maroon 5 would sound like if they were an electronic group. And while it's tough to put them into a box, if you did, that'd be a pretty sweet box. -Leslie D. Rose

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