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Social Gaming vs. Real Money Gaming

20:17 July 11, 2017
By: Staff

When you're faced with two choices - no matter what's at hand - you're always going to ask yourself: which one's better? The same goes for social gaming and gambling and real money gaming. Surely, there's appeal in both - but which one's superior? There's no easy way to answer this question, so let's just look at both, shall we?

Social Gambling vs Real Money Gambling
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First Stop: Social Gambling

Social gambling is, simply put, gaming on social media. When we hear social gaming, most of us immediately think Facebook and probably something along the lines of FarmVille, Mob Wars, or Candy Crush Saga. However, online slots, poker, Hold'Em and blackjack can also be played on Facebook - by yourself or in the company of others. The main reason people seem to be attracted to social gambling? It's free.

But, is it really? If you want your gaming experience to be wholesome, not so much. How this works is gambling operators offer you benefits, improvements, virtual currencies, and goods that can be bought using cash or Facebook credits, which - you've guessed right! - is also bought using real money.

Still, the definite appeal of social gambling is that you can (usually!) play with or against your friends. Depending on which type of casino game you're playing, this will be more or less appealing. But overall you'll agree, competitiveness adds a special dose of excitement to playing.

What's more, there's always the bragging involved. As soon as you've reached a certain goal or gathered an impressive amount of credit, you can share your results with your friends. In a nutshell, it's everything you otherwise do on social media, except gaming is involved, too.

The downside of social gambling is that your choice is quite limited. There aren't that many stellar slot machines at your disposal to begin with, and chances are, your appetite will grow in time.

Even less appealing is the fact you can't win real money. No matter how many credits you've bought and how many virtual currencies you've accumulated, you'll just never be able to turn them into cold hard cash. Stings, doesn't it?

Real Money Gambling Time

Even if you start out as a social gambler at first, who's to say there won't come a time where you'll want to win some real money for once? And on a much advanced and multifaceted slot, too.

Enter real money gaming into the equation. Sure, you need real money to deposit, but it's real money you gain as well. Plus, if you prefer trying out your casino games for free, you can still do it. Online slots come with their very own demo versions, so you can press as many buttons, spin as many reels, and thoroughly test the games out to your heart's content before moving on to an online casino and wagering real money.

Additionally, there is a vast offer of online casino bonuses in the iGaming world. Each of the casinos you decide to play in will come with its own set of offers, so you can improve your gambling any way you want.

Just by signing up at a casino and making your first deposit, you'll be able to grab a welcome bonus. And then come others - from match deposit bonuses to cashback bonuses - and they're all there to give you extra cash for playing and improve your chances of winning big.

As long as you pay strict attention to what the bonus offers, how it's used, and how much you need to play it before you can withdraw your winnings, you'll be more than fine.

Also, as we already mentioned, the diversity of choice is undoubtedly another important advantage of real money gambling. There's literally thousands of video slots out there just waiting to be played. You've got your movie-themed slots, 3D slots, classic slots reminiscent of old slot machines at land-based casinos, slots with one payline and 1024 ways to win, simplistic slots and intricate ones with Free Spins, bonus rounds, and so much more. One thing's for sure - you'll never get bored again.

Ultimately, it's up to you which type of gaming you'll go for. One's more social and shareable, the other can result in winning real money. The choice is yours! Go to CasinoGuardian.co.uk to be your source for casino and gambling information.

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