Siberia Rings In The New Year

00:00 January 24, 2014
By: Emily Hingle

 It was cold and drizzly outside, but, man, was it hot in Siberia for this show. The bodies were so tightly packed that fresh air was a luxury commodity. Fans had been pre-gaming for this show, and some had to be escorted out before the show even began.

Ossacrux is a new band, and, like any rambunctious young thing, they started the show with an adolescent ferocity. If you’re wondering about the name, Crux meaning cross and Ossa perhaps means a motorcycle company in Spain.

Abysmal Lord is a newer band on the scene with some old faces. What is fantastic about this band is their primal nature. Often, the entire band performs shirtless (they’re all guys, gentlemen, so don’t get too excited), and at least a few of the members stuck to this ritual. The sweat poured off of them and drenched the ecstatic attendees who rallied at the front of the stage. They also prefer analog musical technologies to the most hi-tech abilities. They’re demo is available on cassette tape, and they definitely sold a few that night.

Known for fantastic and few-and-far-between performances where the lights are usually extremely dim, if they’re on at all, this Gasmiasma performance was relatively bright. They had lights on the stage! And because of the rather electric atmosphere, I think it’s safe to say that the band was rather excited to be there, and it certainly showed through the fog, cigarette smoke, and sea of black t-shirts.

Always the crowd-pleaser, Goatwhore took the stage and immediately launched into their trademark sonic assault of blackened punk n’ roll; they even performed a few new songs that will be available on their upcoming album, which is untitled as of yet and will send them around the world on multiple tours for the next few years. To illustrate just how incredible their set was, one speaker nearly blew. They played for two hours, and left all those standing with deaf ears and light heads. 

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