She's Still Dead- Keeper of the Witch

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Emily Hingle

[Courtesy of She's Still Dead]

She's Still Dead

Keeper of the Witch

Independent The sophomore album of the horror-laden thrash metal band She's Still Dead is in no way sophomoric. In fact, this album has had more effort poured into it than almost every album today, because it was recorded in analog to give it a better sound and vibe overall, especially if listened to on the vinyl album they are releasing. Vocalist Cosimo Solo paints a spooky picture in the fi rst song and title song, "Keeper of the Witch," as he describes scary scenes of unnatural fog rolling in and ghostly echoes. Guitarists Kevin Dredge and Taylor Suarez masterfully duel during the breakdown, coming together to fi nish off the song. "Murder in Motion" immediately begins with a great punk drum beat by Mark Antee. Solo's voice echoes harshly, accompanied by that drum beat just after his verses to reinforce the lyrics that tell of the heinous act underway. Metalheads will love the guitars in "Six Feet Below". Dredge and Suarez quickly strum out the riff in the vein of old school thrash bands, and Sean Mooney on the bass matches their melody. Solo gruffl y sings, "We've got six more feet to go, then we'll be six feet below." Fans of Lovecraft will understand the allusion to one of his stories that also names the song "Re-Animator". The guitar solo breakdown is very vicious, but still fun and expertly executed. She's Still Dead may sound creepy, but their music is hard to not enjoy; this rock music can make anyone discover and indulge in their dark side.

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