Seafood Sellers Take on Big Year for Crawfish

12:01 January 31, 2020
By: Molly Kellogg

Crawfish season is looking bountiful this year, with the crawfish market filling up to the brim and the price dropping by 2 dollars per pound. It is looking to be a great year for seafood sellers and crawfish extraordinaires alike.

One particular seafood dealer, Erik Donnaud of the Seafood Pot in Destrehan, explains this year is shaping up to be one of the best years for crawfish yet. They are everywhere to be found.

The bounty of crawfish seems to related to warmer temperatures from September through October. Crawfish have become incredibly cheap in the past year. Donnaud explains it's cheaper than he's seen in 15 whole years. Plus, he only expects the price to continue falling.

The crawfish have even gotten larger in size! Doonaud explains how fishermen pick out the bigger crawfish over selecting small ones. Further, customers often prefer the larger crawfish over the small ones.

All in all, there seems to be a wave of optimism regarding the Crawfish market this year. With the price way down, seafood sellers expect the upcoming Super Bowl to bring in a lot of business. Doonaud expects to fill all his orders this year.

Ready for a year of yummy Crawfish galore? This year, there's enough for everyone to enjoy!

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