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Sazerac House Commemorating Cocktails and Carnival

14:00 January 19, 2021
By: Cayce Russo

The spirit of Mardi Gras lives on this Carnival season at The Sazerac House. They are unveiling a bouquet of upcoming in-person and virtual events led by cocktail experts Matt Ray and Rhiannon Enlil, along with cocktail historian Elizabeth Pearce, headdress designer Heather Doyle, mask designer Elizabeth Zibilich, and Bywater Bakery. These events explore the rich history of Mardi Gras and its correlation to carefully crafted cocktail traditions that have enlivened the streets of New Orleans during Carnival season for the past 300 years. Guests attending The Sazerac House's upcoming special event series can expect to experience the history of New Orleans through cocktails that tell stories of Carnival over the years.

The first event begins on February 3 and features a virtual Ojen cocktail-tasting. Ojen, an anise-based liqueur that grew in popularity after its importation to New Orleans in 1883, eventually became the drink of choice for Mardi Gras krewes celebrating Carnival.

On February 4, The Sazerac House invites guests to enjoy king cake and cocktail pairings exploring the history and craftsmanship of both these Carnival delicacies. After all, what is Mardi Gras without cocktails and king cake?

Ever wonder what New Orleanians have been drinking during the Carnival season for the past 300 years? On February 9, Sazerac House guests are invited to learn the traditions of New Orleanian cocktail culture during Carnival. Guests will be able to experience many drinks, both complicated and simplistic, but all inspired by the spirits of Carnival.

On February 10, guests may find themselves immersed in the joy and creativity of costume-making while sipping cocktails at The Sazerac House's spirited headdress workshop. Guests can also take part in the mask-making workshop the following day, on February 11. Costume-making sessions include all the materials that you might need, but participants are invited to bring items from home as well.

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