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Running For Dreams

09:00 September 21, 2022
By: Steven Foley

Running for Dreams

Let's face it, cancer sucks. We all know it, whether we have lost someone to it or not. Cancer doesn't just rob us from our loved ones and our friends. It also robs us from other things, such as dreams. Imagine being a child, or maybe you were that child, who lost your parent to this unforgiving illness, and the dreams you had wished for have now been taken from you like your loved one was taken from you too. You're not upset at your parent, you're mad as hell at cancer for taking them both from you. I know this first--hand after losing my partner very quickly and that's a life experience I hope no one ever has to deal with, but unfortunately will. But this article isn't about my healing, it's about Phil de Gruy, and what he is doing with his own.


Phil de Gruy is a cancer survivor. Not once. But twice! On June 13, 2015, he was diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer. Then, after a thirteen month break, Gruy was diagnosed a second time with cancer, as it spread to his lungs. After a partial removal of his left lung, and a conscious decision to change his lifestyle, he was cancer-free. The decision for a more healthy lifestyle was due to his personal research that informed him that endurance training can help build an immune system against cancer naturally; medicine or chemotherapy are no longer required. "I'm going from Stage IV to 140.6, I'll do a full Ironman Triathlon," he said.


Mr. de Gruy has created a foundation that helps kids between the ages of 8-18 fulfill dreams that they might not have otherwise been able to due to losing their parent to cancer, and the financial hardships that cancer places on their families. This foundation is called Running For Dreams. It is grant-based, and is a private 501c3, which means your donations are tax-exempt!Running for Dreams is a 50 mile ultramarathon that is on Saturday October 1, 2022. Phil is seeking sponsors to help him reach his goal of $15,000. The way sponsorships function is based on mileage:

1-10 Miles: $100 Sponsorship
11-20 Miles: $200 Sponsorship
21-30 Miles: $300 Sponsorship
31-40 Miles: $400 Sponsorship
41-50 Miles: $500 Sponsorship


Sponsorships are available as individuals, or businesses, and are self-defined. Sponsors will not only have the perk of knowing they are helping a child's dreams come true, but they will also receive recognition through social media, and will be given live "callouts" before and after the ultramarathon.

Running for Dreams has a six person board of directors that will review applications and decide on the monetary amount to disperse based on each individual applicant. A decision that I imagine must be a very hard one to settle on.

Consider helping a child or two's dreams come true. To find out more information on Running for Dreams, or to become a sponsor, please visit:

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