Royal Teeth- Act Naturally

00:00 January 29, 2014

 Royal Teeth
Act Naturally

Now here’s an album you can blast from your car stereo—windows down, naturally. In true summer release fashion, the debut EP from New Orleans/Lafayette group Royal Teeth has five tracks of belt-along pop anthems and indie darlings already finding their way to stages across the state. Vocalist duo Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson are a compelling match and demonstrate the delicate but powerful balance of male-female intertwining voices. The chorus of “Wild”—a lighthearted look back on the blissful naivety and carefree, can-do attitudes of youth—insists, “I believe that I can make you scream,” before launching into vocal interludes so inescapably catchy, you can’t help but “oo-oo-ooo” right along with them. The drums were recorded and mastered perfectly for this EP: there’s a faint echo to it, as if the drums were recorded alone in a massive open room, to where you can almost feel the burst of air from each booming bass drum kick and tom fill. Drummer Josh Hefner’s raw, unabashed performance is keenly matched by the unwavering melodic foundation from bassist Joshua Wells, whose presence as a thudding heartbeat, especially in “My Donna,” is indispensable to the group’s overall sound. Hazy, psychedelic guitar riffs from Larsen and guitarist Stevie Billeaud complement bright, infectious synths and samples, manned by Billeaud and Andrew Poe, which together set the sunny, eclectic mood of the EP. Whether it’s a pick-me-up, good times or solid jams you’re looking for this summer, search no further—Royal Teeth just might be on to something here.

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