Rock City Morgue- White Devil

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Emily Hingle

 Rock City Morgue
White Devil
Castle Gray Skull Records

New Orleans’ own quirky, fun, and groovy rock n’ rollers Rock City Morgue may not perform all that often anymore, but they have laid claimed to their place on the throne of rock with their brand new EP White Devil. Released on clear red vinyl, the band powers through four amazing songs; each song has a different vibe and a lot of energy that is sure to get even the deepest stick-in-the-mud moving to the music.  The four band members are prominently photographed on the album cover staring you down; singer Rik Slave looks dapper and dangerous singing into his vintage bullet mic, bassist Sean Yseult shows off her signature coffin-shaped bass, guitarist Johnny Brashear gives you a sideways sneer, and drummer John Gray looks deadly dressed in all black. Slave screeches, then sings the intro to the spooky song "Vampire’s Grasp." Gray plays a burlesque beat over Yseult and Brashear’s dangerous riffs complete with pinch harmonics. Slave recalls the late, great Cramps singer Lux Interior with a eerie vocal echo during the bridge. "Your House is Haunted" is a lesson in anticipation as all the instruments play just a few notes before pausing for some beats which causes heart beats to increase in expectation of the next sound. Rik Slave, however, does sing throughout the song is his memorable voice about sightings of strange beings.  This album was released on Friday the 13th for a reason: it’s got some weird tricks up its sleeves. And you’ll be begging for a few more.

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