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Resolving Resolutions: 2022's Most Attainable Resolution

09:00 December 28, 2021
By: Kimmie Tubré

After two years of pandemic life, we've been quarantined, vaccinated, having to wear masks, not having to wear masks, unemployed, not being able to find employees, and so much more. Let's just say that it feels great to see 2022.

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With every New Year, there is a sense of being able to restart and refresh. Whether it is losing weight, changing careers, changing eating habits, or working out more: we are all guilty of setting those goals, yet we never attain them. This year, let's create goals that are more reachable. Goals that are easy and that do not require much prep or time out of our day. While big resolutions are great in theory, the small attainable ones release the same amount of endorphins. Let's look at a few attainable New Year resolutions that will surely get that confidence flowing.

Move More & Stretch

When researching resolutions, getting more exercise is always at the top of the list. Gym memberships skyrocket at the start of a new year and parks become filled with walkers, runners, bike riders, and more. Exercising is a fantastic resolution, but how many people actually stick with it? Starting off with a rigorous, time-consuming routine is likely difficult for a person who is already busy day to day. If that is you, then here's a suggestion: simply moving your body more can create a world of difference. Things like climbing stairs instead of elevators, standing more, and taking brisk walks during your lunch break are easy exercise goals to achieve. They can also work as a starting point to your exercise journey. Another important easy task is stretching. Stretching can be done anywhere and anytime. You can stretch at home in the morning or before bed. You can even do small stretches at your desk. Stretching and getting the body moving will have positive long-term effects, as well as assisting with weight loss. But remember, if your goal is to lose weight, then you must also consider your diet.

Change One Thing About Your Diet

Diet is the second most desired resolution. Some diets are extreme and take much perseverance, while others are simpler and more achievable. Something that would be easy to do is to change one thing about your diet. This one thing could be an elimination or an addition. If you love sweets, don't eliminate all of them, but find the one that you eat the most and simply take that one out of your diet. Adding things can also be easy fixes to your overall health. Everyone could use more vegetables. Always including a vegetable in each meal can not only help you feel full faster, but are also low in calories and good for your body.

Drink More Water

We've all heard the scientific fact that bodies are mostly made of water. Those same bodies lose water daily due to movement, sweat, and sodium intake. It's clear that we all need water to live, and starting our new year with drinking more water is an easy fix to our nutritional goals. Some will start off strong, trying to drink a gallon or more a day. But starting small may help you be more successful in your journey. Try adding an extra cup or two a day and move up from there. Drinking a fresh cup of water first thing in the morning is not only refreshing but also extremely healthy.

Get More Rest

Rest is needed, and while some people need less than others, it's a fact that we all need to sleep at some point. Adding more rest to your life can be as simple as going to sleep 15 minutes earlier and waking up 15 minutes later each day. If you're having trouble with sleep, try a sleep-aid tea. You can also spray lavender linen spray on your pillows or have a melatonin before bed. Getting more rest will not only make your daytime life more bearable but also help to improve your body and diet goals.

Save Small Amounts of Money

Many resolutioners have decided that a new year would be the start of their money saving goals, and saving is actually easier than you think. If you can afford to transfer small amounts into a savings account without touching it, then this may work for you. If you know that you'll be tempted to dip into savings, then try collecting your coins. Everyone has a pocket or purse that is filled with change. Transfer that change to a piggy bank or an old water container and watch how quickly it fills up as you add more. Another easy way to save money is to lessen your spending on certain things. Do you really need to buy a coffee every day? How about making your own coffee three days a week and saving the money that you would've spent?

Read More & Learn Something New

The new year is a perfect time to educate yourself. This can be done by reading more things. Not only books, but try reading articles or essays of your interests. Read about a hobby or a historical fact that is new to you. If reading isn't your thing, try something new. Things like learning an easy new hobby or taking care of a new plant are all easy and attainable resolutions that will enrich your life.

Connect or Disconnect

Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, or an introverted-extrovert, we all need more balance when it comes to connecting and disconnecting. If you are a social person but get overwhelmed easily, make a resolution to disconnect from time to time and find days, hours, or minutes of alone time. This could and should also include occasionally detaching from social media. Connecting more is also an easy resolution to achieve. If you are not the best at staying in touch, make a point to reach out to old friends and family members simply to check on them. We could all use a bit more personal connecting these days.

Be Kinder

Finally, the easiest, most attainable resolution of all is to be kind. Whether you volunteer your time helping others or make a point to compliment a stranger, being kind is rewarding. Kindness is important. Your kindness to someone can be the one thing that turns their day around.

From being kind to moving more, New Year's resolutions should not be difficult feats. Always aim for the attainable, because they are easier to reach and completing them will boost your endorphins and give you the confident glow that's needed for the new year.

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