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Remedy Ribbons Tie Together a Supportive Community for Healthcare Workers

09:00 May 23, 2020
By: Caroline Hebert

Seventeen-year-old Zachary Wilkins creates Remedy Ribbons to give back to the healthcare workers in New Orleans, to ensure support for their well-being.

The display of "Remedy" Ribbons is placed throughout the city to recognize and give appreciation to those working in the medical field during the pandemic. The white ribbons will be tied to poles or trees in surrounding areas near hospitals, nursing homes, and other areas specifically chosen by donors.

"Remedy Ribbons is our way of giving the healthcare workers our support while boosting morale around the greater New Orleans healthcare community. Our initial program focuses on raising money for a recovery fund that will issue grants to promote mental wellness support for healthcare providers," Wilkins said.

Getting involved is very simple. One can register to volunteer to tie ribbons, deliver ribbons, or develop research with the team at remedyribbons.org. Remedy Ribbons is also working with two other nonprofit organizations: Sister Hearts, Inc. and Greater New Orleans Foundation. Both of these New Orleans organizations strive to strengthen New Orleans by providing support for the community on the foundation of good morals.

"Healthcare workers are putting themselves at risk every day fighting the 2020 global pandemic. As COVID-19 develops and continues to spread around our community, healthcare workers are tasked with the life-altering challenge of treating the immense number of patients suffering from the virus, of which many are not surviving. Each day, healthcare workers experience more hardships as the virus takes more people right from underneath them, and they leave the hospitals in more disarray and trauma than when they entered it," Wilkins said.

As medical personnel put their lives at risk, keeping strong mental health is important. With a mission to help fund mental health programs with the help of a supportive community, Remedy Ribbons aim to serve as a remedy for the brave frontline workers here in our city.

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