Rebirth Brass Band

00:00 May 25, 2014
By: David Vicari

Rebirth Brass Band

Move Your Body

Basin Street Records

Adding to their vast discography, Rebirth Brass Band has released another jaw dropping, booty shakin', and soul inspiring album. Properly entitled Move Your Body, this album truly keeps the party going as the momentum from their previous Grammy Award Winning 2012 release, Rebirth of New Orleans, set a new bar for their legendary group. Having formed in 1983, the band's release of Move Your Body stands as the group's sixteenth release to date starting with their 1994 release of Here To Stay!, which they released under Rebirth Jazz Band. This new album strikes again another landmark in Rebirth's sound, kicking off the album with the most traditional track "Lord, Lord, Lord You've Sure Been Good to Me" then spiraling into the ultra funky second track "Rebirth Makes Ya Dance" that has a soulful, praise flavor to it with strong guest vocals. Their impeccable version of "Your Mama Don't Dance" takes the old rock n' roll classic and wields it into an entirely new instrumental funky beast. The album ends on a high note, with an all out in your face horn blasting tune called "What are We Gonna Do? / Banner Man." The classic brand of Rebirth Brass Band is truly embedded into this new album with vocal chants, killer solos, and an upbeat rhythm section. Their tightness is accompanied by the looseness of New Orleans that is portrayed by the feel and attitude the band radiates. In true Rebirth Brass Band fashion, they have again made an album that'll keep ya dancing, smiling, and loving life to the fullest.

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