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Real-Life Willy Wonka: Win a Candy Factory!

15:00 September 16, 2020
By: Brittney Forbes

It's the sweet life as we know it.

In a modern-day Willy Wonka scenario, David Klein, founder of the famous Jelly Belly jelly beans, announced that there are hidden golden tickets throughout the U.S., and these tickets can lead to money and, possibly, a free candy factory!

Klein said that the idea came to be when he was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1977, and he thought to himself that he wanted to one day give away one of his candy factories to a stranger, "Willy Wonka-style," he told ABC7 News.

With quarantine creating a toll on everyone in the country, Klein said that "the world needs this right now." He wants families to come together, not stay stuck indoors, and not be surrounded by "a lot of people," and he said that not too many people will be doing this challenge at one time, so it's a perfect activity for social distancing.

Each state will have its own golden ticket that people can search for.

Each treasure hunt game will disclose a game location, and the cost to play for the riddle is $49.98, according to the rules for the Gold Ticket. Those who want to register to play must have a Facebook account and will be added to a private forum.

Every participant will be tasked with finding a Gold Ticket—which will be in the form of a necklace—and will include a code to verify the finding. The winners will automatically receive $5,000 as their prize. Klein said that the winners will also have the opportunity to join the Ultimate Contest for one of his candy factories.

The candy factory prize is not a Jelly Belly factory. The winner will receive a building and a candy-making course at the University of Wisconsin Madison, which will be paid for. Klein said that he will also be the winner's mentor to answer any questions and launch products, name products, and show them how to kick-start their products.

Klein's candy factory treasure hunt is not in affiliation with Jelly Belly.

More information for the contest can be found here.

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