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1) Ampersand 1100 Tulane Ave. • 587-3737 • Getting your dance on is easy at Ampersand, which has a European and South Beach feel to it. The cosmopolitan nightclub hosts events like Neon Glow Paint Party, Foam Party and the Blackout Circus. 2) The Metropolitan 310 Andrew Higgins Dr., 568-1702 3) Eiffel Society 2040 Saint Charles Ave. • 525-2951


1) Columns Hotel 3811 Saint Charles Ave. • 899-9308 Happy Hour can be classy at the Columns in their Victorian Lounge. The hotel is oozing with southern tradition, and the bar has tons of accolades for being a great place for locals and tourists alike. 2) Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar 701 Tchoupitoulas St. • 523-8995 3) Bourbon Heat 711 Bourbon St. • 528-9400 •


1) Ms. Mae's 4336 Magazine St. • 218-8035 Ms. Mae's passing this year has only reminded us how lucky we are to have a great watering hole like Ms. Mae's bar. Cheap drinks, friendly clientele and a pool table—really, what more could you need? 2) Snake and Jake's 7612 Oak St. • 861-2802 • 3) B.J.'s 4301 Burgundy St. • 945-9256


1) Goldmine 701 Dauphine St. • 586-0745 • It's Friday night and they did last call at the bar you're in. Only in New Orleans could you continue to go out past 2 a.m., and Goldmine is the place to hit up when it's approaching sunrise! 2) Snake & Jake's 7612 Oak St. • 861-2802 • 3) F&M's 4841 Tchoupitoulas St. • 895-6784


1) Bar Tonique 820 N. Rampart St. • 324-6045 • Bar Tonique takes pride in making all their juices by hand. In fact, anything that goes into one of their handmade cocktails is 100% fresh. If you don't know what to get, the bartender is always helpful and knowledgeable so you can get what you want. 2) Cure 4905 Freret St. • 302-2357 • 3) Bellocq 936 St. Charles Ave. • 962-0911


1) The Metropolitan 310 Andrew Higgins Dr. • 568-1702 The Metro is the perfect place to get dressed to the nines and have your drinks. The two-story warehouse is filled with a party atmosphere, with dance tunes spun by resident DJs Wixx and Ronnie Roux. 2) House of Blues 225 Decatur St. • 310-4999 • 3) Eiffel Society 2040 Saint Charles Ave. • 525-2951 •


1) Gordon Biersch 200 Poydras St. • 552-2739 • Handcrafted beer paired with made-from scratch food make Gordon Biersch an ideal place to sit and watch the game. The bar features five plasma televisions so you can keep refilling on your craft beers without missing a move. 2) Walk-On's 1009 Poydras St. • 309-6530 • 3) Cooter Brown's 509 S. Carrollton Ave. • 866-9104


1) Monkey Hill 6100 Magazine St. • 899-4800 • Dark and romantic, Monkey Hill is full of plush couches and a low-key mood. It's a comfortable setting, perfect for grabbing drinks with some friends after a workday, or dressed up on the weekends.

2) Whiskey Blue 333 Poydras St. • 207-5016 3) Cure 4905 Freret St. • 302-2357 •


1) Carousel Bar 214 Royal St. • 523 3341 • Newly renovated, the Carousel Bar in the five-star Hotel Monteleone is a piece of New Orleans history. The bar itself is a piece of artwork, but you will be impressed by the drinks, music, and colorful characters that sit next to you. 2) Whiskey Blue 333 Poydras St. • 207-5016 3) LOA 221 Camp St. • 553-9550 •


1) Happy's Irish Pub 1009 Poydras St. • Happy's is all about its namesake: making the customers happy! The Irish themed pub is newly opened in New Orleans, and it looks like it's here to stay. They have great music and a calendar of events to entertain the Big Easy. 2) Bourbon Heat 711 Bourbon St. • 528-9400 • 3) Bellocq 936 St. Charles Ave. • 962-0911


1) Oz 800 Bourbon St. • 593-9491 You can't miss the bar walking through the Quarter. It is constantly packed with people, spilling out into the sidewalks as loud, upbeat remixes play. Oz Is a great place to go to let loose and have a genuinely good time. 2) Bourbon Pub 801 Bourbon St. • 529-2107 • 3) Good Friends 740 Dauphine St. • 566-7191 •


1) The Boot 1039 Broadway St. • 866-9008 Tulane and Loyola kids flock to the Boot, the Uptown bar that has been on the scene and woven into New Orleans' fabric for years now. Drink specials and its proximity to food and other bars make it a convenient and fun place to hang.

2) F&M's 4841 Tchoupitoulas St. • 895-6784 3) Rocco's 7601 Maple St. • 265-0933


1) The Bulldog 3236 Magazine St. • 891-1516 5135 Canal Blvd. • 488-4191 • If the weather is nice then come early for a spot on the prime picnic tables at The Bulldog. With lots of great beers on draft or in bottles to choose from as well as a kitchen to feed your hunger, do you really need to go anywhere else? 2) Rusty Nail 1100 Constance St. • 525-5515 • 3) Happy's Irish Pub 1009 Poydras St. •


1) The Penthouse Club 727 Iberville St. • 524-4354 One of the largest adult clubs in the area, The Penthouse Club tries to create an environment of warmth and elegance. Exotic dancers from all different backgrounds perform on three different, specially designed stages. 2) Rick's Cabaret 315 Bourbon St. • 524-4222 • 3) Visions 4000 Downman Rd. • 240-0069 •


1) Finn McCool's 3701 Banks St. • 486-9080 • Named after the Irish giant, Finn McCool's is one of the city's favorite neighborhood bars. You'll always find a warm welcome at this Irish pub, where you can go for trivia night, or to catch the next soccer game.

2) Happy's Irish Pub 1009 Poydras St. • 3) Irish House 1432 St. Charles Ave. • 595-6755


1) Dino's 1128 Tchoupitoulas St. • 558-0900 Dino's does Ladies Night like the pros do it. No cover all night long, and free wine or cocktails for everyone with two X chromosomes. The boys can have a good time too, as Dino's has gracious bartenders and good drinks. 2) Coyote ugly 225 N. Peters St. • 218-7836 3) The Hookah Café 309 Decatur St. • 943-1101 •


1) Daisy Duke's 121 Chartres St. • 561-5171 Daisy Duke's isn't fancy, but they focus on creating top-notch southern hospitality. What could be better with their 24-hour breakfast than a well made Bloody Mary? And the Bloody Mary's are bottomless, so keep drinking. 2) Igor's 2133 St. Charles Ave. • 568-9811 3) The Superdome 1500 Sugar Bowl Dr. • 587-3663 •


1) Nacho Mama's Various Locations • Nacho Mama's is famous for their fantastic margaritas that are sure to have you coming back for more. Whether it's frozen or on the rocks, with salt or without, tequila blanco, reposado, or anejo…you really can't go wrong! 2) Juan's Flying Burrito 2018 Magazine St. • 569-0000 4724 S. Carrollton Ave. • 486.9950 3) El Gato Negro Various Locations

BEST PLACE TO GET A MARTINI whereyat_com-13383357144fc561e2ccc75.png

1) Bombay Club 830 Conti St. • 586-0972 • Feeling sophisticated while you drink a martini is a must, which is why the upscale elegance of Bombay Club can't be missed. With it's British gentleman's club theme, you can be entertained with music and sip on your well-crafted drink. 2) Monkey Hill 6100 Magazine St. • 899-4800 • 3) Oak Wine Bar 8118 Oak St. • 302-1485 •


1) Swirl 3143 Ponce De Leon St. •304-0635 Pick from a list of wine that is extensive, varied, and best of all, constantly changing with new additions. And don't worry: they have plenty of wines that are totally affordable, along with frequent wine tasting events. 2) W.I.N.O. 610 Tchoupitoulas St. • 324-8000 • 3) Bacchanal 600 Poland Ave. • 948-9111 •


1) Crescent City Brewhouse 527 Decatur St. • 522-0571 Few things are more satisfying than a delicious, ice cold draft beer in a cold beer mug. The Crescent City Brewhouse is a 17-barrel state-of-the-art brewery, that makes its beer in small quantities for ensured excellence. 2) Gordon Biersch 200 Poydras St. • 552-2739 • 3) Bulldog 3236 Magazine St. • 891-1516 5135 Canal Blvd. • 488-4191 •


1) St. Joe's 5535 Magazine St. • 899-3744 The uptown bar has the best strawberry and blueberry mojitos. The small uptown haunt is a popular stop along Magazine Street, where you can hang out by the dimly lit bar, or outside on their patio. 2) Bridge Lounge 1201 Magazine St. • 299-1888 3) Mojito's 437 Esplanade Ave. • 252-4800 •


1) House of Blues 225 Decatur St. • 310-4999 • House of Blues is inarguably the best place to catch a big name act. The list of past artists is impressive, and most bands that come through go to House of Blues. The space makes it feel like an intimate show though, not like a huge arena tour. 2) Tipitina's 501 Napoleon Ave. • 895-8477 233 N. Peters St. • 566-7095 • 3) Le Bon Temps 4801 Magazine St. • 895-8117


1) Irvin Mayfield's Royal Sonesta Hotel 300 Bourbon Street • 553-2299 • Irvin Mayfield's takes jazz music seriously, and has a nightly schedule that boasts the city's best musicians. Irvin Mayfield himself is a symbol of the city's young, contemporary jazz scene, and his club reflects that too. 2) Snug Harbor 626 Frenchmen St. • 949-0696 • 3) Preservation Hall 726 St. Peter • 522-2841 •


1) Shamrock 4133 S. Carrollton Ave. • 301-0938 Shamrock is in the old Rock n' Bowl venue. The place is huge, filled wall to wall with pool tables, dartboards, ping-pong tables, and any other bar game you could imagine. Have fun in this Chuck E. Cheese for adults! 2) Finn McCool's 3701 Banks St. • 486-9080 • 3) kingpin 1307 Lyons St. • 891-2373 •


1) d.b.a. 618 Frenchmen St. • 942-3731 Frenchman street is full of great nightlife places, but d.b.a. is a must-stop. The bar is in a building that dates back to the 1880s, and is frequently full of New Orleans music. Both famous artists and locals come back to d.b.a. for drinks. 2) Mimi's 2601 Royal St. • 872-9868 3) B.J.'s Lounge 4301 Burgundy St. • 945-9256


1) Le Bon Temps 4801 Magazine St. • 895-8117 For serious music fans, Le Bon Temps has what you need. They have great live music shows, and a bevvy of odd characters that stop in, and will surely make your night memorable. Cozy atmosphere, cool bartenders and good beer prices make this place a classic. 2) St. Joe's 5535 Magazine St. • 899-3744 3) Balcony Bar 1104 Harmony St. • 895-1600

BEST BAR FRENCH QUARTER whereyat_com-13383358334fc56259e0627.png

1) Tropical Isle Various Spots on Bourbon St. • 529-4109 Born out of the New Orleans World Fair in 1984, Topical Isle has become a mainstay in the city, and a must-do on many lists. Its cheerful atmosphere and constant music should give you a reason to revisit Bourbon Street. 2) Pat O'Brien's 624 Bourbon St. • 525-4823 • 3) Erin Rose 811 Conti St. • 523-8619 •


1) Lucy's 701 Tchoupitoulas St. • 523-8995 Lucy's not only has great food, but at night it is the place to be in the Warehouse District. The laid back beach bar vibe has guests coming back for brunch, happy hour, and every other excuse to drink. 2) Dino's Bar and Grill 1128 Tchoupitoulas St. • 558-0900 3) Rusty Nail 1100 Constance St. • 525-5515 •


1) Mid-City Yacht Club 440 S. Saint Patrick St. • 483-2517 Opened after Katrina, Mid-City Yacht Club is in the heart of Mid-City and one of those places that make a neighborhood better. The bar partners up with many events at the ball park across the street, and they're also a great place to watch a Saints game. 2) Finn McCool's 3701 Banks St. • 486-9080 • 3) Shamrock 4133 S. Carrollton Ave. • 301-0938


1) Hurricane's 1414 Veterans Blvd. • 833-0050 Hurricane's Sports Bar is a place to kick up your feet and catch the game with friends and food. It's great for groups, and they even have different special every night so things never get old. 2) Winston's 531 Metairie Rd. • 831-8705 3) Lager's 3501 Veterans Memorial Blvd. • 887-9923


1) Old Point 545 Patterson Dr. • 364-0950 • Old Point is known for having the best live music on the West Bank with such regulars as Big Al & the Heavyweights, Rick Trolsen and others. Try visiting Old Point via the ferry from the French Quarter for a fun evening. 2) Crown & Anchor 200 Pelican Ave. • 227-1007 • 3) Gattuso's 435 Huey P Long Ave. • 368-1114 •



1) GNO Cyclery 1426 S. Carrollton Ave. • 861-0023 • What makes a bike shop great? Knowledgeable staff, quality parts, and reasonable prices. GNO Cyclery is all that, times 10. The workers are passionate about bikes, and will do anything to meet your needs, and you can always find the owner there getting his hands just as dirty! 2) Bayou Bikes 3530 Toulouse St. • 488-1946 • 3) Bicycle Michael's 622 Frenchmen St. • 945-9505 •


1) Rubensteins 102 St. Charles Ave • 581.6666 The 88 years of business under their belts is a tes tament to great customer service and quality product.

Rubenstein's embodies Southern style, class, and even hospitality; today, Andre, David and Kenny Rubenstein could easily be found on the sales floor assisting customers just like their ancestors did.

2) Perlis 6700 Magazine St. • 891-2073 • 3) Style Lab for Men 3326 Magazine St. • 304-5072 •


1) Hemline Multiple locations • What started in the French Quarter is now not only in Old Metairie, Magazine Street, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette—but also in Dallas, Austin, Nashville, and expanding even more. The boutique offers high end and for a lady that likes variety. You could find cocktail and formal length dresses alongside T-shirts and shorts. 2) Trashy Diva 2048 Magazine St. • 581-4555 • 3) Saks Fifth Ave. 301 Canal St. • 524-2200 •


1) Herb Import Co. Multiple Locations • Herb Import Co. has everything from vitamins, herbal remedies, detox and spiritual supplies, to hookahs, pipes and vaporizers, coupled with a decade of experience. The friendly staff and herbal specialists are always on hand to help with picking out tinctures and capsules or bulk herbs and teas. 2) Hippie Gypsy 633 Canal St. • 592-0525 3) Smoke 4507 Magazine St. • 301-9954


1) Hustler Hollywood 111 Bourbon St. • 561-9969 • The selection is two floors worth of naughty merchandise. You can always find what you want with an extremely helpful staff, who know the store like the back of their hands. Whether you're there to be adventurous, buying bachelor party souvenirs, or getting lingerie, Hustler has it all.

2) Mr. Binky's 107 Chartres St. • 302-2095 • 3) Hot Chocolate 509 Dumaine St. • 588-9050 •


1) American Apparel 3310 Magazine St. • 895-4970 • Nestled on Magazine amongst other small boutiques, restaurants and bars, American Apparel makes for a very convenient stop. They have tons of basics in every color imaginable, along with fun vintage finds that call back to the era of Molly Ringwald. 2) Buffalo Exchange 3312 Magazine St. • 891-7443 • 3) Lili Vintage Boutique 3329 Magazine St. • 931-6848 •

Best Costume Shop

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1) Uptown Costume 4326 Magazine St. • 895-7969 Wigs, sequins, costumes, boas, top hats, tights… anything you might need to get creative with your clothes, Uptown Costume has it. The friendly workers are full of ideas and will help you improvise if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, and the end result is always fab. 2) New Orleans Party & Costume 705 Camp St. • 525-4744 • 3) Miss Claudia's 4204 Magazine St. • 897-6310 •

Best Music Store

1) The Mushroom 1037 Broadway St. • 866-6065 • Besides their extensive selection of records and CDs, The Mushroom has an amazing collection of posters, stickers, T-shirts, incense and other fun knickknacks. The place is a great record store packed with vinyls, so get ready to get lost in another world as you browse their inventory. 2) LA Music Factory 210 Decatur St. • 586-1094 3) Peaches 408 North Peters St. • 282-3322

Best Jewelry Store

1) Ramsey's 5700 Veterans Memorial Blvd. • 885-4653 You've heard their ads on the radio, but have you been in the store? The staff is polite, friendly, and knowledgeable about all things diamond. Patience and compassion are the vibe here, as new and old couples alike return to Ramsey's for their great selection and quality.

2) Lee Michael's Lakeside Mall • 581-6161 • 3) Adler's 722 Canal St. and Lakeside Mall • 523-5292

Best Supermarket

1) Rouse's Multiple Locations • It was a win for locals when the Thibodaux, LA based Rouse's replaced all the Save-A-Centers in the city. Fresh produce, quality meats and seafood, and a variety of products in stock make it a one-stop shop for your refrigerator. 2) Whole Foods Multiple Locations • 899-9119 3) Dorignac's 710 Veterans Memorial Blvd. • 834-8216

Best Place to Buy Wine/Liquor

1) Dorignac's 710 Veterans Memorial Blvd. • 834-8216 Opened in 1947, Dorignac's is not only a staple food center in the city, but also offers a huge selection of wine, beer, and spirits. Customers can also enjoy a large assortment of gourmet cheeses to pair with the vast amount of wine to decide on. 2) Martin's Wine Cellar Multiple Locations • 3) Elio's Wine Warehouse 6205 S. Miro St. • 866-1852

Best Tattoo/Piercing Parlor

1) Electric Ladyland 610 Frenchmen St. • 947-8286 8108 Earhart Blvd. • 866-6000 • Though Electric Ladyland is the best for other reasons, the list of celebrity clients is long, from Christina Ricci and Lindsay Lohan to Billy Bob Thorton. The professionalism is the cherry on top to the expert technical skills of all the artists, so your experience is special.

2) Physical Graffiti 4901 Canal St. • 371-5872 • 3) Aart Accents 1041 N. Rampart St. • 581-9812

Best Athletic Club

1) JCC 5342 St. Charles Ave. • 897-0143 3747 W. Esplanade Ave. • 887-5158 • The JCC has been promoting healthy lifestyles for children, teens and adults for years, and their history dates back to 1855. Beyond physical fitness, they have programming for pre-school education, public affairs, political forums, lectures and Jewish education. 2) New Orleans Athletic Club 222 N. Rampart St. • 525-2375 3) Elmwood Fitness Center 1200 S. Clearview Pkwy. 733-1600

Best Bank

1) Capital One Multiple Locations For such a huge national bank, Capital One has shown the city of New Orleans great appreciation by sponsoring lots of local events, like Hogs for the Cause and French Quarter Fest. Their reliability and convenience makes them great to bank with, too! 2) First NBC Multiple Locations 3) Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Multiple Locations


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Best New Restaurant

1) Walk-On's 1009 Poydras St. • 309-6530 • The Baton Rouge transplant, Walk-On's, has great sandwiches, burgers, seafood, salads, and Southern Louisiana fare. The sports bar is great for lunch or dinner and close by if you work in the CBD. Stop by before the big game for a bite to eat. 2) Juicy Lucy's 133 N. Carrollton Ave. • 598-5044 3) Chophouse 322 Magazine St. • 522-7902 •

Best Restaurant Bywater/Marigny

1) Elizabeth's 601 Gallier St. • 944-9272 This Marigny favorite is always crowded for their great breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The philosophy at Elizabeth's is simple but fail proof: to make everything from scratch with the freshest ingredients possible. Don't miss their brunch! 2) The Joint 701 Mazant St. • 949-3232 • 3) La Peniche 1940 Dauphine St. • 943-1460

Best Restaurant Uptown

1) Pascal's Manale 1838 Napoleon Ave. • 895-4877 Pascal's has been family run since 1913 and offers up authentic Italian-Creole cuisine. They're famous for their barbeque shrimp, but the rest of their menu is just as delicious. Grab some oysters at their oyster bar before you sit down. 2) Jaquimo's 8324 Oak St. • 861-0886 • 3) Casamento's 4330 Magazine St. • 895-9761

Best Restaurant French Quarter

1) Antoine's 713 St. Louis Street • 581-4422 • Antoine's is in the heart of the French Quarter and has more than a century of experience. Antoine's presents a fine dining experience for those seeking out a classic New Orleans-style meal. It's the perfect excuse to get fancy! 2) Irene's 539 Saint Philip Street • 529-8811 3) Galatoire's 209 Bourbon St. • 525-2021 •

Best Restaurant CBD/Warehouse

1) Cochon 930 Tchoupitoulas St. • 588-7675 Cochon whips up traditional Cajun Southern dishes set in a contemporary atmosphere in the Warehouse district. Locally-sourced pork, fresh produce and seafood, and old-style methods create authentic tastes of Cajun country. 2) Walk-On's 1009 Poydras St. • 309-6530 • 3) Rock 'n Sake 823 Fulton St. • 581-7253 •

Best Restaurant Mid-City

1) Mandina's 3800 Canal St. • 482-9179 Mandina's has been a family-owned restaurant in Mid-City for years, and they pride themselves on not only making famous Creole-Italian meals, but also on their friendly Southern service. Grab a drink at the bar while you wait for a table. 2) Katie's 3701 Iberville St. • 488-6582 • 3) Venezia 134 North Carrollton Ave. • 488-7991

Best Restaurant West Bank

1) Gattuso's 435 Huey P. Long Ave. • 368-1114 Gattuso's serves fantastic burgers, salads, sandwiches, and more that you'll enjoy for either lunch or dinner. With $3 margaritas every Thursday and free live music on the weekends, Gattuso's is worth the drive from New Orleans for a meal. 2) Red Maple 1036 Lafayette St. • 367-0935 • 3) Kim Son 349 Whitney Ave. • 366-2489 •

Best Restaurant Metairie

1) Drago's 3232 North Arnoult Rd. • 888-9254 Drago's can claim the credit as the original makers of the charbroiled oyster. Still a family atmosphere where you can find Drago, his wife, and his children running operations to get well-prepared seafood to you at an affordable price. 2) Crazy Johnnie's 3520 18th St. • 887-6641 • 3) Andrea's 3100 19th St. • 834-8583 •

Best Restaurant Lakeview

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1) Velvet Cactus 6300 Argonne Blvd. • 301-2083 The Velvet Cactus is a fun, funky restaurant with great Mexican-inspired food and one mean Margarita. The outdoor patio is spacious and the walls are covered in interesting artwork for sale, made by all local artists. 2) Lakeview Harbor 911 Harrison Ave. • 486-4887 3) Mondo 900 Harrison Ave. • 224-2633

Best Upscale Restaurant

1) Commander's Palace 1403 Washington Ave. • 899-8221 Commander's Palace is legendary with a reputation that stretches all the way back to before the Civil War. The cuisine reflects the best of both Creole and American heritages as well as original dishes specific to Commander's Palace. 2) Emeril's 800 Tchoupitoulas St. • 528-9393 • 3) Antoine's 713 St. Louis St. • 525-8045 •

Best Casual Restaurant

1) Cowbell 8801 Oak St. • 298-8689 Almost at the end of Oak Street lives Cowbell, a new eatery that is fast becoming an Uptown staple. The restaurant has classic, simple and delicious comfort foods like organic chili, natural beef burgers, and adult grilled cheese sandwiches. 2) Joey K's 3001 Magazine St. • 891-0997 3) Jaquimo's 8324 Oak St. • 861-0886 •

Best Deli

1) Stein's 2207 Magazine St. • 527-0771 • Get a taste of the closest thing to an authentic New York bagel at Stein's. This Jewish deli has traditional and specialty sandwiches, great cured meats and more than 50 cheeses. 2) Martin's Wine Cellar Various Locations • 896-7300 • 3) Kosher Cajun 3519 Severn Ave. • 888-2010 •

Best Oyster Bar

1) Acme Oyster House 724 Iberville St. • 522-5973 3000 Veterans Blvd. • 309-4056 • Acme Oyster House has been shucking ice-cold raw oysters since 1910, and they still have the best oyster bar in town. Add charbroiled oysters, oyster shooters, a fried oyster platter and any other way to eat an oyster to the Acme menu. 2) Felix's Restaurant and Oyster Bar 739 Iberville St. • 522-4440 • 3) Pascal's Manale 1838 Napoleon Ave. • 895-4877

Best Place to Get a Salad

1) Reginelli's Multiple Locations • Eating a salad does not have to be torture as Reginelli's has proven. Their salad menu is creative and accommodating to all types of taste palates, with ingredients like avocados, asparagus, artichoke, and apples. The perfect complement to their pizza. 2) Café Rani 2917 Magazine St. • 895-2500 • 3) Café Carmo 527 Julia St. • 875-4132 •

Best Restaurant for Dessert

1) Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro 2001 St. Charles Ave. • 593-9955 A restaurant with cheesecake in the name has to have great dessert on principle. Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro has an entire menu dedicated to dessert, and serves an impressive list of homemade desserts, banana splits, and classic southern sweets. 2) Commander's Palace 1403 Washington Ave. • 899-8221 3) Lillette 3637 Magazine St. • 895-1636

Best Service

1) Commander's Palace 1403 Washington Ave. • 899-8221 Commander's is known for well-made meals and as upscale an atmosphere as you can get. Keeping up that reputation involves having grade "A" service. Your servers will always go out of their way to make you happy. 2) Galatoire's 209 Bourbon St. • 525-2021 • 3) Antoine's 713 St. Louis St. • 525-8045 •


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1) Café Rani 2917 Magazine St. • 895-2500 • Café Rani has indoor seating, but why would you choose to sit there when their gorgeous courtyard beckons your name? Open and breezy, the outdoors is the perfect complement to their refreshing and healthy food. 2) Café Amelie 912 Royal St. • 412-8965 • 3) Court of Two Sisters 613 Royal St. • 522-7261 •


1) Joey k's 3001 Magazine St. • 891-0997 Surrounded by the unique shops of Magazine Street, Joey K's is the perfect stop on a day out shopping. If you're looking for classic, delicious homecooked New Orleans cuisine like red beans or poboys, you can stop searching! 2) Ignatius 3121 Magazine St. • 899-0242 3) Cowbell 8801 Oak St. • 298-8689 •


1) Gott Goumet 3100 Magazine St. • 373-6579 This relaxed neighborhood spot is great at reinterpreting classic dishes and putting a contemporary spin on them. Try their crab and brie eggs benedict, or the smoked shrimp and gouda grits. The breakfast menu is extensive and can satisfy anyone. 2) Riccobono's Panola St. Café 7801 Panola St. • 314-1810 • 3) Coulis 3625 Prytania St. • 304-4265


1) Café Amelie 912 Royal St. • 412-8965 • Come to Amelie's for brunch and you will leave raving about their cuisine. Known for their Shrimp and Grits and Pontchatoula Strawberry Lemonade, the restaurant is a hidden gem in the French Quarter. Sit in their quaint European style courtyard. 2) Copeland's Multiple Locations • 3) Columns 3811 St. Charles Ave. • 899-9308 •


1) Broussard's 819 Rue Conti St. • 581-3866 • Broussard's combines history, classic food and per sonalized service to achieve a dining experience that is perfect for a romantic night out. Take your pick to sit in the elegant dining rooms or out in the courtyard. 2) Bombay Club 830 Conti St. • 586-0972 • 3) Delmonico's 1300 St. Charles Ave. • 525-4937 •


1) Déjà Vu 400 Dauphine St. • 523-1931 • Déjà Vu is open 24 hours a day, 364 days of the year, so you never, ever have to check their hours. The bar and grill offers everything from breakfast to burgers to dinner and dessert. Come hungry! 2) Clover Grill 900 Bourbon St. • 598-1010 • 3) St. Charles Tavern 1433 St. Charles Ave. • 523-9823


1) City Diner 3116 S I-10 Service Rd. • 831-1030 5708 Citrus Blvd. • 309-7614 • City Diner incorporates diner classic with New Orleans flair. They have succeeded in growing their success to include delivery and 24-hour service. Try their unique Hash Brown Creations for a meal that is sure to satisfy. 2) Camelia Grill 626 S. Carrollton Ave. • 309-2679 540 Chartres St. • 522-1800 3) Dot's Diner Multiple Locations •


1) Café Degas 3127 Esplanade Ave. • 945-5635 • This quaint French bistro named after the famous artist, Edgar Degas, is small and intimate. They bring in produce fresh every single day because there is no storage space, and small location makes your eating experience even more picturesque. 2) Café Rani 2917 Magazine St. • 895-2500 • 3) Café Amelie 912 Royal St. • 412-8965 •


1) PJ's Multiple Locations • PJ's is a New Orleans favorite, and the coffee shops all over the city make this espresso fix convenient. Every cup represents PJ's commitment to the coffee culture of New Orleans. They only hand select the finest beans and roast in small batches. 2) CC's Multiple Locations •

3) Starbucks Multiple Locations •


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1) Five Happieness 3605 S. Carrollton Ave. • 482-3935 With more than 30 years of service, Five Happiness is the go-to place for Chinese cuisine. The chef's specials, like the ginger shrimp or house-baked duck, just scream authenticity. Bring your family here and split their large courses. 2) Jung's Golden Dragon 3009 Magazine St. • 891-8280 3) Green Tea 1116 Louisiana Ave. • 899-8005 •


1) Sake Café 2830 Magazine St. • 894-0033 • Sake Café is a chic environment with a menu that incorporates traditional Japanese cuisine and New Orleans flavors. They offer up originals like the Jazz Roll, Uptown Roll and New Orleans Roll, and also have other unique fusion dishes. 2) Little Tokyo Multiple Locations • 3) Miyako 1403 St Charles Ave. • 410-9997 •


1) La Thai 4938 Prytania St. • 899-8886 • La Thai brings Thai food to a whole new level, with its upscale Louisiana inspired dishes. All the seafood and produce is sourced locally, so you know you're supporting the local fisherman and farmers. 2) SukhoThai 1913 Royal St. • 948-9309 4519 Magazine St. • 373-6471 • 3) Bangkok Thai 513 S. Carrollton Ave. • 861-3932


1) Squeal 8400 Oak St. • 302-7370 • If you're looking for the smoky, rich flavor of the best barbeque you can find, Squeal is a must-try. Amidst the cute shops and restaurants on Oak Street, Squeal uses the freshest ingredients and smokes their meats in house daily. 2) The Joint 701 Mazant St. • 949-3232 • 3) Voodoo BBq and Grill Various locations •


1) Vincent's 7839 St. Charles Ave. • 866-9313 4411 Chastant St. • 885-2984 In a city full of Italian culture, it's high praise to say Vincent's is the best Italian in town. This classic neighborhood Italian restaurant will make you feel like a part of their large Sicilian family. 2) Venezia 134 N. Carrollton Ave. • 488-7991 3) Domenica 123 Baronne St. • 648-6020


1) k-Paul's 416 Chartres St. • 596-2530 • Chef K-Paul is famous for creating memorable dishes, so you can imagine the dining experience his Louisiana Kitchen can create. The kitchens are open so diners can view exactly how their meal is made. K- Paul's is a great spot to take visitors. 2) Jaquimo's, 8324 Oak St. • 861-0886 • 3) Mulate's 201 Julia St. • 522-1492 •


1) WoW Café Multiple Locations • What started in Covington, LA is now a national sensation. WOW Café serves up delicious wings and casual American cuisine that really packs a punch. Their passion for creating original sauces can make your taste buds explode. 2) Houston's 1755 St. Charles Ave. • 524-1578 • 3) Zea Multiple Locations


1) Nirvana 4308 Magazine St. • 894-9797 • Nirvana has been dishing up classic Indian fare for more than two decades from their Magazine Street location. Tandoor, biryani and curry are all over the menu. This family-owned establishment will give you the most authentic cultural experience. 2) Taj Mahal 923 Metairie Rd. • 836-6859 3) Curry Corner 1200 S. Carrollton Ave. • 861-9033


1) Mona's Multiple Locations Mona's is a taste of the Middle East. Their portions are sizeable and satisfying…you'll never go hungry if you order one of their platters. To drink, the Lebanese tea is the perfect complement to a delicious meal. 2) Lebanon's 1500 S. Carrollton Ave. • 862-6200 3) Babylon Café 7724 Maple St. • 314-0010 •

Best Mexican

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1) Juan's Flying Burrito 2018 Magazine St. • 569-0000 4724 S. Carrollton Ave. • 486.9950 Juan's not only has some of the best margaritas in the city but their Mexican entrees are bursting with flavor. The atmosphere is exciting and quirky, so eating your Bacon Azul quesadilla alongside interesting local art can make your meal a memorable one. 2) El Gato Negro 81 French Market Pl. • 525-9752 3) Taqueria Corona 5932 Magazine St. • 897-3974 1827 Hickory Ave. • 738-6722

Best African

1) Bennachin 1212 Royal St. • 522-1230 • Bennachin is as close to traveling to Africa as you can get to get a home-cooked Gambian-Cameroonian meal. The portions are large, and it's very vegetarian friendly. This exotic experience in the French Quarter can only be described as top notch. 2) Café Abynissia 3511 Magazine St. • 894-6238 • 3) Jamilia's 7808 Maple St. • 866-4366

Best Seafood

1) Don's Seafood 4801 Veterans Memorial Blvd. • 889-1550 New Orleans is arguably the seafood capital of the U.S., and that makes Don's Seafood a picture of excellence. Superior service and a reputation for being the best in Cajun dining make Don's a seafood haven. 2) The Galley 2535 Metairie Rd. • 832-0955 3) Deanie's 841 Iberville St. • 581-1316 7350 Hayne Blvd. • 248-6700 •

Best Boiled Seafood

1) The Galley 2535 Metairie Rd. • 832-0955 The boiled crabs, shrimp, and crawfish, seasoned to perfection, and are the stars of the menu to accompany the famous soft-shelled crab po-boy that we all know and love. Come to this family establishment, order a sack of mudbugs, and dig in! 2) Deanie's 841 Iberville St. • 581-1316 7350 Hayne Blvd. • 248-6700 3) Franky & Johnny's 321 Arabella St. • 899-9146 •

Best Steakhouse

1) Crazy Johnnie's 3520 18th St. • 887-6641 • Crazy Johnnie's boasts awards and recognition for their delicious signature eight-and-a-half ounce filet mignon from Chicago, served with their aptly named "crazy" potatoes. Nothing more American than meat and potatoes! 2) Ruth's Chris 525 Fulton St. • 587-7099 3633 Veterans Blvd. • 888 - 3600 • 3) Crescent City Steakhouse 1001 N. Broad St. • 821-3271

Best Bar Food

1) Buffa's 1001 Esplanade Ave. • 949-0038 • Buffa's is always open late, and their bar menu is a sophisticated way to eat while drinking. They offer up specialty items, deli sandwiches, small bites, and even breakfast. Try the Jazz Brunch or their delivery menu for a change of pace. 2) Cooter Brown's 509 S. Carrollton Ave. • 866-9104 3) Tracey's 2604 Magazine St. • 897-5413 •

Best Hamburger

1) Phil's Grill 1640 Hickory Ave. • 305-1705 3020 Severn Ave. • 324-9080 • At Phil's Grill, you can customize your burger to your most specific wish… or you can try one of their signature burgers, like the Garden District Burger or the Mid-City Burger. Ask your server about the burger of the month, and pair it with a delicious home-made shake. 2) Juicy Lucy's 133 N. Carrollton Ave. • 598-5044 3) Port of Call 838 Esplanade Ave. • 523-0120 •

Best Pasta

1) Venezia 134 N. Carrollton Ave. • 488-7991 Old-style recipes that you have enjoyed for the past four generations are still at Venezia. Enjoy classic pasta dishes at their best, like spaghetti and meatballs or fettuccine alfredo. It's a taste of authentic Italian.

2) Semolina's 4436 Veterans Blvd. • 454-7930 • 3) Vincent's 7839 St. Charles Ave. • 866-9313

Best Vegetarian

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1) Carmo 527 Julia St. • 875-4132 • This tropical restaurant has Caribbean, Central and South America and Gulf South influences in their vegetarian-friendly dishes. Top-quality, local ingredients combine to create the impeccable taste experience as it does in their Broken Noodle Salad. 2) Green Goddess 307 Exchange Pl. • 301-3347 3) Wandering Buddha 2239 St. Claude Ave. • 945-9428

Best Oyster Po-Boy

1) Short Stop 119 Transcontinental Dr. • 885-4572 Short Stop Po-Boys is the best for lunch or dinner, and their oyster po-boy is the epitome of the classic sandwich at its finest. Fried crisp on the outside, hot and juicy oysters on the inside. Get it dressed, and you won't be disappointed. 2) Crabby Jack's 428 Jefferson Hwy. • 833-2722 3) Domilise's 5240 Annunciation St. • 899-9126

Best Shrimp Po-Boy

1) Parkway Bakery and Tavern 538 Hagan Ave. • 482-3047 • Parkway Barkery and Tavern in Mid-City is renowned for its devotion to quality on every order. Sure, the shrimp po-boy is timeless, but it's easy to mess up. Parkway does it justice, with fresh ingredients and French bread baked to perfection. 2) Johnny's Po-Boys 511 Saint Louis St. • 524-8129 3) Domilise's 5240 Annunciation St. • 899-9126

Best Roast Beef Po-Boy

1) Tracey's 2604 Magazine St. • 897-5413 • This Irish Channel Bar is a community establishment that has been providing its patrons with delicious bar food for years. The roast beef po-boy doesn't fall short of its standards, stuffed with moist and tender roast beef and soaked in au jus. 2) Parasol's 2533 Constance St. • 302-1543 3) Short Stop 119 Transcontinental Dr. • 885-4572

Best Gumbo

1) Mr. B's 201 Royal St. • 523-2078 • Mr. B's menu offers authentic Creole food. Their menus are seasonal and are updated often, but the gumbo is a city signature and a restaurant mainstay. The country-style gumbo with chicken and Andouille sausage will be unforgettable. 2) The Gumbo Shop 630 Saint Peter St. • 525-1486 • 3) K-Paul's 416 Chartres St. • 596-2530 •

Best Burrito

1) Izzo's 4316 Veterans Memorial Blvd. • 889-5505 • Izzo's Illegal Burrito is big, bad, and customizable for any type of burrito eater. You can choose from flour, cayenne, spinach, or wheat tortillas, and fill 'em up with an equally scintillating choice of fillings! 2) Juan's Flying Burrito 2018 Magazine St. • 569-0000 4724 S. Carrollton Ave. • 486.9950 3) Nacho Mama's 1000 Cleaview Pkwy., Ste. 1016 • 899-0031

Best Pizza

1) Reginelli's Multiple Locations • This pizza parlor features an extensive hand-tossed specialty menu in acontemporary atmosphere. A little bit of inspired old world Italy with a twist can make this the best pizza you've ever had. 2) Theo's 4218 Magazine St. • 894-8554 4024 Canal St. • 302-1133 • 3) Slice 1513 St. Charles Ave. • 525-7437 5538 Magazine St. • 897-4800 •

Best Pizza By the Slice

1) Slice 1513 Saint Charles Ave. • 525-7437 5538 Magazine St. • 897-4800 • Who says that pepperoni is your only choice? Slice serves up unique pizza creations, slice by slice, hence their namesake. Gourmet toppings on artisan wholewheat flour will leave you asking for another slice. 2) Dough Bowl 1039 Broadway St. • 861-2200 3) Pizzicare 3001 Tulane Ave. • 301-4823

Best Fried Chicken

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1) Willie Mae's 2401 St. Ann St. • 822-9503 Be sure to get there early, because the word is out about how delicious their fried chicken is. The brown batter skin is salty and spicy, the perfect consistency on top of juicy chicken that shatters when you bite into it. 2) Fiorella's 1136 Decatur St. • 553-2155 3) Dooky Chase 2301 Orleans Ave. • 821-0600

Best Ice Cream/Gelato

1) Angelo Brocato's 214 N. Carrollton Ave. • 486-1465 Angelo Brocato's is known for their devotion to tradition. Italian ices, cannolis, spumonis and Italian cookies make Brocato's a New Orleans institution. It's not uncommon to find a line out their door for their delectable sweets. 2) La Divina Gelateria Multiple Locations • 3) Creole Creamery 4924 Prytania St. • 894-8680 6260 Vicksburg St. • 482-2924


Best Live Theatre

1) Southern Rep 365 Canal St. • Founded in 1986, Southern Rep Theatre produces live theatre plays that reflect the diversity of our multifaceted city. Their creative environment nurtures theatre professionals and burgeoning artists, and their productions aim to entertain as well as educate. 2) JPAS 1118 Clearview Pkwy. • 885.2000 • 3) Shadowbox 2400 St. Claude Ave. • 298-8676

Best Theatre Venue

1) Mahalia Jackson 1419 Basin St. • 525-1052 • The Mahalia Jackson has played host to a long list of varied events and artists. It is a performing arts theatre where one can attend Broadway shows, stand-up comedy, rock or classical music. Mary Poppins and Les Miserable share the same venue as Aziz Ansari and Cake. 2) Shadowbox 2400 Saint Claude Ave. • 298-8676 3) CAC 900 Camp St. • 528-3805 •

Best Art Gallery

1) Rodrigue Gallery 730 Royal St. • 581-4244 • There aren't many people that can say they've never seen Rodrigue's iconic work of his Blue Dog. His new gallery on Royal Street is a clean, open space that showcases his New Orleans roots, amidst the other shops, galleries, and restaurants that Royal Street is known for. 2) LeMieux Galleries 332 Julia St. • 522-5988 200 Metairie Rd. • 837-4044 • 3) Michalopoulos 617 Bienville St. • 558-0505 •

Best Local Artist

1) Terrance Osborne Terrance Osborne is New Orleans' sweetheart right now, his reputation blowing up as one of the best artists. His last Jazz Fest poster of Trombone Shorty is the cherry on top to a fantastic portfolio of distinguished, colorful, and culturally significant work. 2) Michalopoulous 617 Bienville St. 558-0505 • 3) George Rodrigue 730 Royal St. • 581-4244 •

Best Museum

1) New Orleans Museum of Art 1 Collin Diboll Circle • 658-4100 • The New Orleans Museum of Art boasts an incredible collection of European, Louisianan, Asian, African, and contemporary works , as well as an outside sculpture garden. Visitors can enjoy the culture as well as attend special events that frequently take place at this state-of-the-art museum. 2) CAC 900 Camp St. • 528-3805 • 3) Ogden Museum of Southern Art 925 Camp St. • 539-9600 •

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