All Photos: Courtesy of Steve Hatley

Prom Date, Sour Notes, Alexis and the Samurai

16:30 July 07, 2015
By: 2Fik

Last Thursday’s show at Gasa Gasa could have had the potential to be a huge disaster, as there was literally no common thread in the music that was played.  Alternative rock from Austin based trio The Sour Notes kicked off the evening, followed by Sweet Crude’s indie folk/pop side project Alexis and the Samurai.  The evening was capped off by New Orleans synth-pop act Prom Date.  Alexis Marceaux even joked about how different the acts were.

The Sour Notes are Jared Boulanger (vocals, guitar), Amarah Ulghani (bass, drums), and Erin Howell (drums, bass).  The New Orleans date was the third to the last date of the band’s tenth national tour.  DIY is clearly the name of the game when it comes to their philosophy on touring and recording.  As a nice switch up toward the end of the set, Amarah and Erin switched instruments.  The band was also accompanied by some amazing visuals projected on the back wall of the club.

Alexis and the Samurai are mostly known as being part of their bigger group, Sweet Crude but have managed to carve out a unique identity separate from Crude.  Primarily know in the Mid-City area for their Monday night residency at Chickie Wah Wah that has been going on for two years, the band made the trek uptown and played several tunes off their new EP that will be released in the coming months.

Prom Date have been touring extensively for the last year and were grateful to be playing back home.  The band has amazing chemistry on stage and it’s infectious.  The crowd in turn couldn’t help but dance to the 80s style synth-pop.  The band ended their enthusiastic fun filled set with a different take on Neutral Milk Hotel's "Two Headed Boy." The somber reflective tone of their cover was astounding.  The crowd was stunned to say the least; you could hear a pin drop.

All in all, a great evening of diverse music was represented. You can see more pictures here:

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